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How many “banned” apps do you own?

I think I’m up to 5 now that Apple has pulled Quick Snap.

The first banned app I ever snagged was the legendary Netshare, the first app on the US app store to allow tethering on the iPhone, and the first to be pulled. This was followed by MiTube (the YouTube video downloader), then HandyLight (the sneaky Tethering app which masqueraded as a lame flashlight app – do not be fooled by the similarly named app on the store now), iDos, the DOS emulator for iPhone, and now Quick Snap, the camera app that allowed you to take pictures using the volume buttons on your iPhone (I missed out on Camera + back when it offered the same feature). So, what do all these apps have in common? I never use any of them.

But at least I CAN if I want. What banned apps do you guys own?

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  1. The Captain says:

    I think about 8 or 9 banned apps. Some I wondered why?
    I had this free weather app, displayed your local weather and featured a lovely
    model posing on a beach, etc. If you didn’t fancy the young lady, you can hit an icon and a random new young lady appeared. No nudity, no sex, just the the cheese cake pose or girl next door shot. The app was add supported and not “the best” weather app but it got your mind off work for a minute and yet it was banned.
    Yet you can download one of many apps on sexual positions with graphics. ??

  2. Jacked says:

    wait, what? you don’t tether?

    i hate you just a little bit more than normal. happy new year you jerk. =)

  3. the_0ne says:

    I still have Grooveshark. And I used the little nifty trick of copying the ipa file into my son’s iTunes profile to get him the app on his iPod touch also.

    That is until Grooveshark works out the legal issues, which at this moment doesn’t look good. 🙁

  4. Don says:


    But Happy New Year anyway!

  5. Andrew Madson says:

    I have netshare but it doesnt really work for me now with iSO4

  6. Phil says:

    I still own a copy of TRIS, which was the first (and totally unofficial) version of Tetris to arrive in the AppStore. Then they got sued and everything by EA.

  7. 64 so far. My buddy and I write reviews of them at Nearly Banned Apps… “a graveyard for misunderstood and unfairly censored iPhone apps.” Tried to list the reasons they were banned, but Apple isn’t always direct about why.

  8. Dae says:

    AppGratis (the app I found Dragonvale from) is now banned. Why would they ban an app that just finds free apps and advertises them? Anyways, first and only banned app.

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