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Apple begins (trying) to take Pre-orders for iPhone 4

I don’t want to blame AT&T for EVERY iPhone problem, but it DOES seem suspicious that I get this error when Apple checks my iPhone eligibility with AT&T, and the new App Store iPhone app just plain crashes during the same step…

3 Responses to “Apple begins (trying) to take Pre-orders for iPhone 4”
  1. The ChinWag says:

    What a joke, I have had my broken iPhone since November and all I want to due is give them my money now so I can get a phone. How hard is it to load test this process ahead of time!

  2. davewhippedgoliath says:

    try a few times you get through mines ordered with the companies money hehe!

  3. Greg says:

    finally around 730pm pac time, after hundreds of attempt’s throughout the day… i was able to order one from the apple online store. i found a kind of loop hole. I selected make a reservation, then they offered to either pick it up in the store or have it delivered. so i chose delivered. and it let me buy it (after 30 attempts to log in). and it sez a 24th delivery date. whoopie.
    really the things we have to go through.

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