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Blast from the past: Vintage Apple Playing Cards

If you’re into gambling, and therefore have no respect for money, you could do worse than pick up a pack of these $90 Vintage Apple iCon Playing cards. Despite not playing poker since high school when my loser friends and I used playing poker as an excuse for why we were not out looking for girls on a Friday night, I would still LOVE a pack of these bad boys. Right now there are only 2 packs available over at Read More  Read More

Polaroid iPhone decal kicks it so old school, odds are not many people will know why it’s cool

Hey, remember Polaroid Cameras? No? Well, um, remember the song “Hey Ya” by OutKast from a few years back where they told girls to shake their butts “Like a Polaroid Picture”? Well, they were referring to the instant photos that popped out of Polaroid cameras, and which people would often shake under the mistaken assumption they would develop faster. Well anyway, someone who was apparently born before 1978 and is old enough to remember them has created... Read More

Susan Kare’s Mac icon prints are the perfect holiday gift (for ME)

AHHH!!! Why couldn’t faithful Macenstein reader Jason have told us about these awesome signed Mac OS icon prints from original pixel art icon Susan Kare BEFORE I loaded my Christmas list with Angry Birds plush dolls?!?! Oh well, at $90 a pop, these would have made a rather expensive Christmas for the Bride of Macenstein, as I obviously would need the whole set (just like the Angry Birds plush dolls). For those of you who are unfamiliar with Kare’s work, well, odds... Read More

How we got the “Command” symbol

I was in need of the ⌘ symbol for a top secret project today, and not knowing the proper Unicode combo by heart, I fired up the old character palette to copy it. While there, I noticed that while all the other symbols had the expected names (“Erase to the Left”, “Upwards White Arrow”, etc.) that for some reason, Apple was calling our beloved “Command Symbol” “Place of Interest Sign” instead. Since that name is not nearly... Read More


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