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This could be the greatest photo ever taken

Steve Wozniak and David Lee Roth US festival

Every once in a while a piece of Apple history emerges that is so utterly amazing that I can’t imagine how I somehow never knew about it. Case in point, this picture of a genuinely in-shape Steve Wozniak and a totally wasted(-looking) David Lee Roth.

The story goes that Steve Wozniak sponsored two Multi-Day rock concerts back in ’82 and ’83 called the US Festivals. Big name acts included such legends as The Police, Motley Crue, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, the Kinks, B-52’s, Ozzy Osbourne, U2, David Bowie and many others. Oh, and of course Van Halen who apparently netted a cool $1.5 million to play the gig.

Legend has it that VH was originally supposed to get $1 million to play the gig, but had a clause in their contract saying they would be paid more than any other group playing the festival, and David Bowie also landed a $1million pay check. So, that certainly explains Diamond Dave’s wasted grin.

Less happy, perhaps, should be Woz, who It is rumored personally lost $20 million between the two festivals. But ultimately, the revenge was Woz’s as he totally nailed Dave with the “Bunny Ears”.

Speaking of Bunny ears, Happy Easter!

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4 Responses to “This could be the greatest photo ever taken”
  1. At least she’s hotter than Kathy Griffin
    – The Doc

  2. rsbell says:

    The good Doc didn’t know about the US Festival(s)?!

    Now I feel old…

  3. FuzzyBuzzy says:

    Srsly you did not look up the US Festivals? My pals and I still talk about it!

    I worked a food stand in the back and you could hear the music perfectly. We worked 3 days straight without sleep slinging food over the grill and there was always someone waiting to order. Near the end of the last day we just started giving food away. Burgers for Boobs, Ice for Ass, Fries for Flash. It got silly at the end and I don’t know if I went home with any money but we had a LOT of fun!

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