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Apple’s earliest collaboration with Disney and more on EveryAppleAds

Ok, so maybe not a full-blown collaboration, but Apple definitely used The Seven Dwarfs’ “Hi-Ho” song in this very bleak and depressing “Lemmings” commercial.

That’s just ONE of the gems you’ll find on EveryAppleAds YouTube channel , a playlist lovingly curated by long-time Apple fan EveryAppleAds who claims to have tracked down every Apple ad that has ever aired.

The list is definitely impressive (currently 485 clips and counting), and a great trip through memory lane or a nice education in Apple advertising if these ads pre-date you.

Some gems are
– What seems to be the very first Apple TV ad – for the Apple ][ (late ’70s):
Lisa ad with pre-known Kevin Costner (1983)
Your ‘typical’ 80’s over-the-top ad “Alligator”(mid 80’s)
Newton ad with dark humor (mid-90’s)
Jab at Windows 95 (1995).
Will Ferrel ad which I think was only showed at MacWorld
The classic 1984 ad but digital remastered. The girl is wearing an iPod

One thing I took away when going through these ads is that while I am bored to death by Apple’s “all white” ads of the last 10 years, they are certainly an improvement over what they USED to crank out when they tried to get clever. If you find any ads you think he missed, or have a better copy of any he already has, please contact him on YouTube.

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