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“So, congrats me about getting the Apple 5”

iPhone5 line waiter

OK, maybe those Samsung GS3 fanboys really DO have a point.  Read More

Apple’s answer to those GS3 fanboys

I know there isn’t a huge physical difference in screen size between the iPhone 4S and 5 (half an inch), but after only a day with the iPhone 5, I now find the screen of the 4S feels tiny. So in a way I can appreciate the stance of all those Samsung GS3 fanboys, as when they hold an iPhone it probably feels like their hand grew 3 sizes that day. So, perhaps Apple should have... Read More

DEALS! Apple iPhone 4S – 16GB – Only 99ยข! “Some minor Damage”

burned iPhone 4S

There are so many things to love about this eBay listing for what appears to be a microwaved iPhone 4S. First, when listing they used the full default eBay iPhone template, which gives a complete rundown of the phone’s features, including “HD video recording, Facetime, iCloud, Retina display, clearly remarkable” Product Information The Apple iPhone 4S is rich... Read More

Looks like Apple didn’t have to release an iPhone 5 at all

Jimmy Kimmel iPhone 5

Maybe if Apple had spent less time mapping people’s ears for their new Earpods and more time doing marketing research, they would have realized they really didn’t need to update the iPhone 4S at all, they just needed to rename it. via Jimmy Kimmel Live  Read More

S#!T Apple Fanatics Say

Meh. I’ve only said maybe 70-85 of these, tops. Pt1 PT2 Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Chucky for the tip!  Read More

iPhone 5 promo video – It’s funny because it’s true

This apparently came out last week and 6 million people have already seen it, but I was on vacation, so screw you.  Read More

In case you’re wondering what’s on my iPod right now, it’s Tim Cook


Just kidding, I don’t own an iPod. But doesn’t it sound weird to say “What’s on your iPhone?” I think so. So I am going to stick with the phrase “What’s on your iPod?” and hope no one is a dick and tries to correct me. By the way, if you like Tim Cook’s debut single (from the folks behind iTunedSteveJobs), and how can you not?... Read More

Well, there’s ONE Apple lawsuit Google doesn’t have to worry about

Good news for Google. It looks like Apple will NOT be suing the company for ripping off its easy-to-open packaging. Check out this wonderful compilation of failed Google Nexus 7 unboxing videos, which pretty much redefine the term “First world problems”. When you consider that these people all seem to be reasonably tech-savvy folks, it makes you wonder what injuries... Read More

Wow, this is really well done. “iMan” by Luke Escombe

iMan by Luke Escombe

Every once in awhile some music artist looking for attention puts out an iPhone-related music video, and, let’s be honest, they usually suck. But check out this rare gem by Luke Escombe entitled “iMan”. Not only is the video funny and very well-made, and not only is the chick hot and soapy, but the song is actually quite good. Anyone who has ever suspected their... Read More

Epic Rap Battles of History puts up Gates vs Jobs

Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates

No real explanation needed here, other than Epic Rap Battles of History likes to pit two historical figures up against each other and let users vote on who wins the rap battle. While I find this amusing and well-produced, given that Steve is dead and Gates hasn’t run Microsoft for awhile, this battle feels a little out of place, as this “rivalry” was really more... Read More


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