“So, congrats me about getting the Apple 5” - Macenstein

“So, congrats me about getting the Apple 5”

OK, maybe those Samsung GS3 fanboys really DO have a point.

7 Responses to ““So, congrats me about getting the Apple 5””
  1. Alex says:

    The video is so fake, can’t believe anyone believes she’s not putting on an act. For example, no one sits in line for several hours with that kind of posture.

  2. She has a great chair…
    – The Doc

  3. Anon says:

    She’s def a fake.

  4. Ken says:

    What bad acting. Plus the scrip is so unrealistically silly.

  5. Talapftw says:

    It wasn’t even RELEASED YET! Now it is 😛 add me on GameCenter, Name: Talapftw

  6. elminno says:

    Apple 5? I didn’t know Woz was working on a new machine…

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