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S#!T Apple Fanatics Say

Meh. I’ve only said maybe 70-85 of these, tops.



Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Chucky for the tip!

4 Responses to “S#!T Apple Fanatics Say”
  1. darrell says:

    I can easily create a video of S#!T Apple Haters / Microsoft / Android Fanatics say:

    for windows:

    “I could get a machine twice as powerful and half the price as a mac”
    “It’s only 5% marketshare”
    “it doesn’t matter – they are all made the same and cost the same”

    for android:

    “The stuff in android is better than on the iPhone”
    “Android is winning”
    “iOS is behind”
    “iPhone is behind”
    “the screen is bigger on my Droid HD MAXX 2 S III so it’s better than the iPhone”
    “Siri doesn’t work”

  2. facto says:

    I’m afraid I look like this guy.

  3. awesome says:

    i am this guy 😉

  4. Daniel says:

    This video is clearly not made by actual Apple fanatics, or even anyone very observant.

    Apple’s desktop operating system is pronounced “Ohh Ess TEN,” not “Ohh Ess EX.” Apparently Roman numerals are a mystery to some people.

    Also, if you watch any footage of Steve Jobs referring to OS X, he never, ever, ever, ever, never-ever said “Ex.”

    Fanatical enough for you?

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