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Well, there’s ONE Apple lawsuit Google doesn’t have to worry about

Good news for Google. It looks like Apple will NOT be suing the company for ripping off its easy-to-open packaging. Check out this wonderful compilation of failed Google Nexus 7 unboxing videos, which pretty much redefine the term “First world problems”.

When you consider that these people all seem to be reasonably tech-savvy folks, it makes you wonder what injuries the average 45-year old housewife or 8-year old child will sustain trying to get their “Oh, it’s not the iPad?” gift open.

[via CultofMac]

6 Responses to “Well, there’s ONE Apple lawsuit Google doesn’t have to worry about”
  1. Harsh Khetawat says:

    This is THE FUNNIEST video I have seen this month!!

  2. facto says:

    Call GameStop, ask a refund for your Nexus, ask for Battletoads instead.
    What will Greenpeace say about all this cardboard?

  3. Moroni says:

    What Greenpeace will say about all the cardboard? Well, that would depend on whether or not it was made from 100% post-consumer paper products. Greenpeace would probably also encourage the recycling of the box when you’re done opening it. Why do you ask, though? I see no relevance to the Apple versus android debate in the cardboard used. Both companies seem to have very similar (though with differing “ease of open-ability”) boxes.
    Now, if you just want to rag on Greenpeace because of their complete idiocy in targeting Apple’s data center, then I’m all with you. THOSE FARGIN ICEHOLES! THOSE MISERABLE LITTLE CORKSUCKERS! THOSE DIRTY SUNUMABACHING BASTAGES!

  4. facto says:

    If I lasted in bed as long as the nexus box opening, this would be my personal best.

  5. Resa says:

    This is just a guess, but something tells me that 45 year old housewives will fare much better. They have a lot more experience with opening kids’ toys.

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