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How NOT to clean your Apple gear

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”.

That is the lesson being learned by one cheating Japanese Apple fan after his (presumably EX) girlfriend sent him photos of all his Apple gear fully submerged in the bathtub, including his iMac.



Now, of course this is tragic, and as much as I hate to see ANY Apple device submerged under water, I think we we really all should be focusing on is just how damn small that bathtub is!

I can’t be positive which iMac model that is, but let’s be generous and say it is the 30-inch model. It is only 25.6 inches wide. So that tub can’t be more than 40 inches wide at most. What is the point of owning such a tub? I’m 6′ 3″ and have no use for most standard American tubs, but this thing seems designed specifically to submerge iMacs. It almost looks deeper than it is wide!

Anyway, tragic loss, my heart and thoughts go out to the devices. I guess if there’s one small consolation we can take it is that at least he is in the right country to find large quantities of white rice to attempt to dry those things out. The only issue is finding a large enough Zip-Lock bag.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader John for the tip!

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  1. tangytangerine says:

    How would you feel if android devices were submerged in water? ;p

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