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Why the iPhone 5 will be the most expensive iPhone ever


We Apple users are used to paying a bit more for our tech than our PC and Android-owning friends (assuming we are willing to hang out with to “those” kinds of people). We appreciate that way the hardware looks and feels in the hand can be almost as important as how well it works, and yes, we are willing to fork over the extra dough for this “design and engineering tax”. In fact, we love Apple’s designs so much, we’re disappointed when a new iPhone or MacBook comes out and it looks the same as the “old” one, as with the 3GS and 4S models. We just can’t wait to see what Apple will come out with next!

Unfortunately, our hunger for the “next big thing” from Apple is what is going to ultimately cost us a bunch of extra money come this September(?) when the iPhone 5 arrives. The good news is, assuming the leaked parts videos like the one below are legit, we will indeed be getting a brand new hardware design with the iPhone 5. The bad news is, it looks like it isn’t going to work with anything you currently own, from speakers to cases to docks.

Obviously, expecting to use the same iPhone case on each subsequent iPhone refresh is a bit of a pipe dream, and we’ve lucked out in that Apple seems to have adopted an “every-other-year” plan for its form factor designs, meaning that $35 you spent on an iPhone 4 case COULD last you 2 years, up through your iPhone 4S’s lifespan (assuming you upgrade every year). But expecting to use your existing car charger, speaker, alarm clock, dock, or other dock connector-based accessory, such as a Bluetooth adapter or microphone, isn’t all that unreasonable, or has been a non-issue for the last 4 iPhones. But it’s looking like that is not going to be the case with the iPhone 5. Why? Well, not only is Apple allegedly changing the Dock connector, which has been around since the first iPod (more or less) to a smaller (but apparently still proprietary) connector, it has also decided to move the headphone jack to the bottom the the device, just like the iPod touch.

Let me just take a quick moment to rant about how annoying that headphone jack placement is going to be, as it’s the worst thing about the current iPod touch. What this design move really means is that it is going to very difficult to listen to music while charging your iPhone, and in effect means you will need to buy all new charging stations and docks. Of course, Apple changing the Dock connector would necessitate this anyway, but moving the location of the headphone jack to the bottom means whatever charger you get will have to have a built-in audio pass-through of some sort so that you can connect it to a home speaker, and that will cost more than a standard dock. Currently I have a nice setup with an iDapt changing station which has 2 iPhone/iPod charging cradles in it in my kitchen. I often have one of the hooked to a JBL speaker via a mini stereo plug (coming out of the top of iPhone) and I can play music while my iPhone charges. This will not be possible once the audio jack is blocked whenever charging. So this means I will need A) a new charging pad for $35-$65 or B) a new speaker/Dock $100-$200. Or I will need to buy an extra Apple-made wall charger and cable, which is traditionally about $29. Oh, and I’ll need to buy 3, actually, as I have one in my bedroom, one in the kitchen, and one at work, and I really can’t see myself carrying one cable with me everywhere I go. Oh, and I assume the Phone will ship with a USB cable ($19) but I will need one for the car as well. Oh, and let’s not forget that I am the only one in my family who will be getting the iPhone 5, so I still need to keep all the “old” dock connector charging cradles and such to keep their iPhones and iPods charged while adding mine to the mix.

Listen, I do understand “in the name of progress”, and I understand there are design decisions that necessitate change, and I realize that Apple would gladly remove the iPhone’s screen itself to shave 2 mm of the thickness of the device. I get it. And while I’m not THRILLED with the change of the Dock connector’s size and shape – as I don’t think at this point it looks like it will ADD any functionality the current connector can’t support – I’m ultimately cool with that too. But the real cause of the money drain on iPhone 5 users is going to be the placement of that headphone jack. I predict it will cost the average iPhone user about $80 – $120. How did I come up with that figure? I pulled it out of my ass, that’s how.

And do you know who I blame for all of this? No, not the ultra-hip fanboys that demand a hardware refresh every couple of years and crave thinner devices. I blame the children.

That’s right, the kids. Why? Because when Apple’s iPod touch had its audio jack moved to the bottom of the device, there was no huge outcry, not rioting, not even a whimper. But there SHOULD have been. So why not? Because the iPod touch is a child’s toy. Feel free to tell me in the comments how you are a 35 year old doctor who loves their iPod touch, but face it, most are sold to 5 – 18 year-olds, and those people only know how to complain to their parents, NOT to companies, and apparently Apple took this silence as a sign of acceptance.

But let’s be serious for a second and see if I can actually put together some “real” numbers here on what Apple changing the Dock connector and headphone jack placement will mean for me:

1) I believe I will need 3 Apple wall chargers, x $29 each, so $90
2) I will use the included USB to NEW DOCK cable (I assume they’ll include one) in my computer bag to bring around with me in case of emergencies, but I will need a new Car Charger cable (I have a generic USB adapter in my car, so I don’t need to buy an iPhone-sepcific car charger, but I DO need a cable) 1 x $19
3) I have a nice iHome speaker/charger at work that will no longer work, and it cost $140. I can probably charge the iPhone via a USB cable and all outlet and then get an audio cable and plug that into the audio-in port of the speaker, but obviously that defeats the purpose of an all-one-charger/speaker, adds cable clutter, reduces sound quality, and just makes the desk look messier. So while I will probably live with it for awhile, eventually let’s say another $140 will be needed.
4) I have a bunch of other weird Dock-compatible devices, like portable speakers, the Audio Engine wireless streamers and a Blue Microphone, but I will write those off as I don’t really use them too much.
5) I have a couple iPhone 4 and 4S-compatible battery pack cases that I love and use regularly as well, and these I will need to replace. Let’s be reasonable and say I will only get one, and it would be about $90.
6) Finally, let’s remember that I have 3 other iPod touch/iPhone users in my house, so everything I own now I need to KEEP, cable-clutter and counter space be damned! So it will cost me emotionally every time I look over at an over-crowded outlet, and I’m not sure you can put a price on THAT kind of pain, but let’s say $99,000 a year.

So It looks like it would cost me between $350 – $99,350 to get back where I am NOW, as far as the ability to stay charged and listen to music and podcasts as I do now. And let’s throw a new case on that total for $50 to make it an even $400 – $99,400. I’ll be nice and skip the tax on that. Although, it would be about $28, so let’s NOT skip it, and say I am now soon-to-be-out $428. (I am now over the $99,000 of mental trauma so I will drop that).

So $428 on top of the $499 I assume the phone will cost me, plus tax and AT&T upgrade charges. I think we’re at about $1000, where each of my past iPhone upgrades since the first version has only cost me the price of the phone itself, and maybe a case. Yes, truly this alleged new Dock connector and audio jack move will be the costliest iPhone design change yet to the faithful iPhone users who have loyally upgraded with each new interaction and over the years amassed a sizable accessory collection.

And while traditional wisdom would say 3rd-party case/speaker/dock makers are looking forward to the refresh as it should force people like me who are happily using up to 4-year old accessories back to the stores, there IS a downside for them as well. I can’t help thinking high-end 3rd parties that make $600 iPhone speakers (like the Bowers and Wilkens Zeppelin) are going to keep licensing the Dock connector from Apple, as its costumers are not going to be lining up to plunk down another $600 to re-buy pricey speakers just to regain a clean audio connection. Or maybe Apple is hoping these companies will all be licensing AirPlay.

Probably the saddest thing about this entire thing is that it’s ultimately going to be even a SLIGHT deterrent to me buying the iPhone 5. I’m just saying is all.

22 Responses to “Why the iPhone 5 will be the most expensive iPhone ever”
  1. Daryl S says:

    Have you been chasing the worm down one too many bottles?

    “Apple will provide an adapter for the new, smaller Dock connector set to debut with the iPhone 5”


    Relax my good man.

    • Perhaps. For an extra $20-$30 or so. Although it likely won’t fit on every accessory and doesn’t change the headphone placement.
      – The Doc

    • Tania says:

      Hahaha you wish. They didn’t add that on there, they’ll be expecting you buy that on your own! ….and that’s why I use android 🙂

  2. GamerChase says:

    Aside from a case (which is always a given, really), and a few cables, I don’t see it costing me anything else. Our home is set up with Airport Expresses to enable AirPlay streaming to pretty much any room in the house, and most music streaming comes from the Mac mini in the living room that’s used as a home server. Easy. 😉

    • David says:

      Why should you have to buy anything, you’re a customer in good standing, long time purchaser of Apple products, making them the most profitable company in America?The upgrades necessary to use you’re accessory’s should be provided, however Apple cares very little about loyality to it’s customer base.Ya BIG DUMMY!!!!

  3. McPerlt says:

    In reality, Apple will be doing away with the headphone jack altogether. Bluetooth sound only.
    That round aperture often seen at the bottom of various mock-ups is ACTUALLY the place to plug in the new Apple Phazer accessory. It needs it to anchor against the kickback, and to provide the extra 20.000 V that the new dock connector does not.

  4. andrew says:

    Wow! I sure am glad I don’t own any of that accessory CRAP!

  5. ArtOfWarfare says:

    If Apple includes an old dock -> new dock connector in the box, then I’ll be buying just the phone. (As andrew put it, “I’m glad I don’t own any of that accessory CRAP!”). If they don’t then I’ll need to buy either one of those, or a USB (2.0) -> new dock connector, whichever ends up being cheaper, so that I can charge in my car. I think I’m looking at maybe having to pay $25 on top of the cost of the iPhone.

    Also, have you considered what your plan costs Dr? I find that all other costs pale in comparison to what the providers charge when it comes to owning an iPhone. I’d say 80% of the money spent on owning an iPhone is spent on their plans.

  6. Name says:

    The clown who wrote this article should just get a losedoz phone.
    You are not smart enough to own any Apple product.

    It is NOT a requirement to BUY the next Apple product. If you don’t like it, don’t get it.
    Keep using what you have.

    A month after you get it you’ll write a rave review about how great it is.

    And if you just get a DC to AC adapter, which are very “inexpensive”, you won’t need all those
    extra cable you “think” you need.

    • Mike says:

      LOL @ not smart enough to own Apple products which are known for being idiot proof. Just because you’re an Apple fanboy doesn’t make you automatically superior. Tbh the only Apple product I will ever own is an ipod simply because there really aren’t viable alternatives besides the Zune and screw microsoft lol.

      I put my phone/ipod touch in upside down anyways because it’s more natural for me, but the headphone jack placement IS annoying somewhat. The USB cable I have for my ipod touch has buttons on the side you have to push in to take it off, which headphones conveniently block. So, anytime I plug in my ipod to charge, update, add music, etc I have to unplug my headphones.

  7. “Because when Apple’s iPod touch had its audio jack moved to the bottom of the device, there was no huge outcry, not rioting, not even a whimper. But there SHOULD have been”

    The iPod touch did not have its audio jack moved to the bottom of the device, it’s always been there.

    I still have the first generation iPod touch.

    The audio jack position on the iPod touch is the only thing I’ve never liked about it.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of the jack is in the way.

    • GamerChase says:

      See, I started iOS with the first generation iPod Touch, moved to the 4th gen when it came out, and the iPhone 5 will be my first iPhone. So for me, the audio jack in the bottom will be normal. Had I bought any other iPhone, the jack in the top would have been very strange to me.

  8. BKoz says:

    And, as long as the other end of the new cords remains a USB, I’ll just buy a new handful of $1.69 charging cords from Amazon and be in business with all my existing chargers, and when the next iPad comes out with the same “new” connector port, I’ll toss all the $1.69 old style cords. As for docking speakers/chargers – somebody will undoubtably make an adapter. The real issue/nuisance is moving the headphone jack to the bottom – not the end of the world in my opinion – but still stupid.

  9. Donny says:

    If by one of “those” people you mean people that buy superior electronics because of function as opposed to style and popularity, then yes, you nailed it. It’s ok though, I don’t prefer to hang out with “your type” either. We obviously wouldn’t have much in common.

    It does make you wonder though why Apple just didn’t incorporate the standard that every other phone manufacturer did for their USB connection, one that you can buy in just about any store in America for less than 30 bucks (Micro USB for you sheltered people that don’t get out much).

    The answer is because proprietary things serve one function, and only one function.. to make more money for their owners when they conveniently decide to change things. You sorry saps will smile when you buy it too, while Apple laughs all the way to the bank.

    I’ll never understand your type.

  10. Zedster says:

    I am a 35 year old doc and i adore my ipod touch

  11. Tim says:

    Ear phone jack at the bottom is the most awesome thing ever! Honestly, it is so annoying to have your phone upside-down in your hand when getting it out to the pants just because you wanted to plug in ear jacks before. Now it sits in the hand just the right way!

    Furthermore you will be able to make docks with both – ear jack AND charger. Both the bottom. I mean how awesome is this!? No stupid cable/hole on top but rather hidden by the phone standing upwards.

  12. Rich says:

    TomTom Sat nav cradle for my iPhone, oh and BOSE dock.. That’s my major investment. I love my iPhone 4. Never went 4s, had this one two years, but apple really need to lose the button. Mine fails all the time now. On another note re connectivity… The main area for most of us is the car:

    It’s about time car manufactures provided built in mount points with Snap ins for the connection part on the dash. It would only be software changes in the car system for the main OSes to then integrate with the car. But hey they expect you to put up with expensive propriety cheap and gonna break LCD screens. A car should last 14 years, those sexy (not) screens adorning many a new car, some which are now standard are going to look terrible when broken / do not work after 8 years. Considering you already have a device you tend to replace every two years already why do they (ford,BMW, Audi are examples) bother?

    Design and where it’s going.. For search and organisation most of the time, will we need to get the phone out of the pocket in future..? A small in ear dongle.. Smaller than currently available may be useful with a Siri like interface.

    And some advice on streaming.. Apple tv connected via optic to a movie system or hdmi.. Nice to stream music and control track selection on the phone/pad including volume.. But I just noticed a massive jump in audio quality when streaming from the mac instead. This must be a processing issue on the CPU /iOS. But either way streaming is the way o go… No docks then!

  13. krreagan says:

    Your expenses assume purchasing from the Apple store!! If you do that you deserve to be bitch slapped!

    Wall charger how much???? I just purchased 10 wall chargers (charger and cables) off Amazon for my 5 iPhone 4Ss (mine, wife and three kids) for about $45!!! The charger does not need to be replaced, only the cable and you might be able to get an adapter for a couple of bucks after a little time delay. ($19 … Ha!) slap! slap!

    Keep your old phone for another year if your going to bitch about it! If you feel the need to update every year that’s your fault not Apples.

    One of the great things about Apple is that they are not permanently tied to old tech! As better tech comes out they are not adverse to incorporate it. The new connecter is smaller and allows the device to be smaller. Not a bad thing. Personally the headphone adapter on the top annoys me, I prefer it on the bottom.


  14. Agree wtih MacEnstein on this one, which is why I never have bought any iPhone’s! Matter of fact I am going to fire up the tubes on my HAM radio and tell all my friends to keep waiting before they buy!! Eventually………

  15. Someone says:

    Oh please ever heard of the I phone x? ???????? it costs like 1300 dollars

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