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Inquirer: Apple wants Intel chips early

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

The Inquirer reports that while everyone in the Mac world is eagerly looking forward to Apple’s spring/summer release of Intel-based computers, there may be a slight snag. The problem? It seems Apple is looking to use Intel’s Woodcrest and Merom processors in it’s upcoming Mactel boxes, and those are not due out until the 3rd quarter of next year. The Inquirer is claiming Apple has attempted to pressure Intel to get them the chips faster, but Intel is not about to go out of it’s way for Apple when Dell buys 20 times more processors than Apple. Seems like history is already repeating itself. Apple had similar problems 2002-2004 pressuring Motorola and IBM to release faster processors. Apple never was a big enough customer to every hold any real sway over either company.
Credibility: 8/10

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