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Updates to Mac mini tomorrow, sources say

Posted by Igor

Sources have confirmed that the much rumored speed bumps to the mac mini line will come no later than end of week, and signs point to a September 27th release date. Don’t look for any big special event, however, as these updates will hardly be noticeable. Word has it the low end Mac mini will see a boost from 1.3 GHz to a 1.33 GHz G4, and the “high-end” mini will top out at 1.5 GHz. At this point we can’t say for sure whether the SuperDrive is going to be notched up to an 8x model from the current pokey 4x, but our sources have confirmed the hard drives should now be upped to 5,400 rpm models across the board, which will be a much welcomed change. The pricing is not expected to change ($499, $599, and $699).
Credibility: 9/10

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