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RUMOR: Apple Special Event to unveil new Power Macs/PowerBooks, not video iPods

Posted by Dr. Macenstein
special editing credit don kerr

The Mac Rumor world’s only “usually” right rumor site, Think Secret, is reporting that next week’s special Apple event will NOT be ushering in the highly rumored video iPod, and will instead be a showcase for Apple’s new Power Mac and PowerBook offerings. Think Secret does not go into specifics, and it almost seems more a hunch that Apple would not relase a new video iPod so close to the launch of its iPod nano than a true revelation of facts.

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Says the site, ” …it has become apparent that Apple wants to avoid detracting attention from the new iPod nano, which carries high margins and which Apple expects might sell up to 10 million units this holiday quarter. ”

For our part, we have been quoted as putting the revised Power Macs as far back as Macworld this January. While we would love to see Power Mac updates this early, we wonder if we will be lucky enough to see the Dual Core 970s, or if these updates will be relatively minor, and part of a larger announcement. The whole idea of a special event implies something radical, so we believe if new Power Macs are indeed the focus of next week’s event, they likely WILL have the 970’s inside. (And we will have to ask for our money back from our sources).

UPDATE Boy oh boy, the plot keeps thickening! Now Engadget is reporting the BBC has accidentally leaked (and subsequently removed a link announcing that Apple is INDEED releasing the video iPod October 12th! This story sounds credible as the BBC is a likely candidate to be providing content for the upcoming video device. Could it be our sources were right about a later date PowerMac update? Stay tuned!

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  1. don kerr says:

    PLEASE stop using “it’s”! The possessive form of “it” is the ONE exception to using the apostrophe. Cat’s, Dogs, Its.

    “It’s” ALWAYS means “it is”, and not what you are using it for!


  2. Thanks Don!
    We have given you a special editing credit in the post for your sharp eye!
    But please keep in mind if you want quality control and proof reading, you’ll have to buy a newspaper. Macenstein is free, and you’ll find you often get what you pay for here.

    Rest assured we will be visiting The Apostrophe Protection Society online, and making our donation!

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