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Exclusive: Pippin-360 specs revealed?

Posted by Igor

A recent patent filed by Apple (#6,847,168), titled “Pippin-360 Entertainment System”, is very general, referring to a media center device for use in a digital home theater-like environment. Diagrams are included.

Abstract An apparatus that can both accept and disseminate information and entertainment oriented media is described. The system contains unique methods to categorize, organize, and display various forms of media in a home entertainment setting. External input devices and peripherals can added via various connections including but not limited to wireless connections. The unit can be networked to other Bon Jour-aware devices, and can reach speeds of up to 25 MPH.

Jonathan Ive’s brother Larry is listed as the designer.

It is safe to say from the drawings that this is either a very rough draft of what the final product will look like, or Larry Ives has very little of his older brother’s considerable design expertise.

However, the shear number of connections and ports available on this machine would seem to indicate Apple has jumped into the console market with both feet. The P-360 would seem to be the realization of the much rumored iBox from last January. While the patent gives no hints as to what processors or graphics cards Apple is using in the P-360, it should be safe to assume it will be a Power-PC based system like the upcoming offerings from Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, and likely have chips from ATI powering the graphics.

234x60 White Logo

Assuming a holiday release, Intel will not have had time to create a custom chipset for the Pippin, and we doubt Intel would risk throwing too much money into backing Apple’s leap into a somewhat already over-crowded gaming market.

Our sources expect the Pippin-360 to be priced somewhere between $12,999 and $15,999 (US), in what Apple calls the “sweet spot” for most consumers.

More on this as soon.

15 Responses to “Exclusive: Pippin-360 specs revealed?”
  1. John T. says:

    The price seems reasonable, I suppose, depending how many MPG it gets…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Our sources expect the Pippin-360 to be priced somewhere between $12,999 and $15,999 (US), in what Apple calls the “sweet spot� for most consumers.

    Gee wiz, that’s a sweet spot!!!!

  3. hot chick says:

    “Jonathan Ive’s brother Larry is listed as the designer. ”



  4. Jodeo says:

    Hey: How may pounds of RAM that thing got?

    Also: I saw another report that Nate Currier co-designed it with Larry.

  5. Jim says:

    But if it’s from Apple, it
    ‘d be Blu Ray and not HD DVD. 🙂

  6. cs says:

    you’ve done it again

  7. Dr. Macenstein says:

    Hey Jim, um…we just went back and checked the, um… patent..and um… looks like it was an OLD picture we had up there
    The NEW one is up now. (clears throat).
    Anyway, what is exciting about this NEW picture is it seems the P-360 supports BOTH formats, so you can buy any Paramount Home Video title you’d like without looking too closely at the box.

    thanks for the heads up!

    -The Doc

  8. Anonymous says:

    …cmon its fake its gotta be why the Fuckkle would apple make a video game console with a cup holder and one thats also self-propelled… for $12K-$15K… no one would think about buying it unless it plays every video game ever and updates all the graphics for each video game to 300 million polygons per character.

  9. Mr. Gamehelper says:

    Oh, really? Gee whiz Anonymous, thanks for pointing that out to me, you saved me a lot of time saving up allowence for that thing. Boy is my face red.

  10. gmoney says:

    fucking idiot!!! there’s no power plug.if this piece of shit is fuel cell powered then im’ going to microsoft “where it’s safe”.
    …brrr. bad dream

  11. All indications are it appears to run on diesel fuel

    -The Doc

  12. Tiak says:

    Lies!!! It runs completely off of solar energy! The only problem is for the losers who’d keep such a thing of beauty cooped up inside an entertainment center never to see the light of day… Liberate the 360s!!!!

  13. elliot says:

    a good price AND a ton of ports, what dosent this thing have?

    great stuff, keep up the good work

  14. aw says:

    wow nice

  15. MOBY says:

    I can’t add your post to Digg. How I do this?

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