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Apple to unveil Dashcode widget maker software (pictures)

Posted by Lab Rat

Recently, shots have begun to surface on the web showing a new Apple-branded widget creation tool named “Dashcode�. See pictures here.

From the looks of it, it is very similar to Xcode in many respects, and likely will be released bundled alongside Xcode’s next update. If these shots are to be believed, and we think they ARE, then it looks like a nice WYSIWYG html editor as well, sort of like a stripped down Dreamweaver. It has been rumored for some time that Apple might release a low-end html editor/ Flash-like graphics program to bundle with iLife or iWork. While Dashcode seems specifically designed to deal with the creation of widgets (which are largely htm/javascript based), perhaps Dashcode is the first hint of such a program.

2 Responses to “Apple to unveil Dashcode widget maker software (pictures)”
  1. Wolfman Mac says:

    That “attributes screen” looks pretty sweet. Would save me a lot of time.
    I hope this is true.

  2. Since its available with the new macbooks, I did a demo on it.

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