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Apple taps into adult video market, Steve Jobs to direct

Posted by Igor

At a special event held Saturday evening at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Henderson, Nevada, Steve Jobs confirmed what many industry insiders and rumor sites have been predicting for weeks. The charismatic CEO announced Apple’s $1 billion (US) joint venture with adult film studio Wicked Pictures to produce and distribute original adult content for the iTunes music store. Those attending the standing-room-only event were greeted at the door by two Wicked Pictures contract girls dressed in black cut-off mock turtle necks and jean shorts. The deal is mutually exclusive for 10 years.

“Five years ago, Apple released iMovie, and totally revolutionized the way amateur pornography is made, “ said Jobs. “Our goal with the iPod has always been to one day deliver the highest quality portable adult content available. That is why from its inception we have made sure ALL iPod models can be operated using only one hand.�

“This is huge,� said Steve, pointing to his crotch area. He then pulled from his pocket a black video iPod. On the screen was footage of three Wicked girls engaged in various carnal acts. “We took a look at what’s available today in the adult video market. Actually, we took a LOT of looks.“ joked Jobs. “And we thought, ‘We can do better’�.

Above: Steve Jobs addresses a stunned audience at the Las Vegas Convention Center Saturday evening

Jessica Drake and Devinn Lane, two of Wicked’s more popular starlets, then joined Steve onstage. Jobs produced a Sony HDR-HC1 HDV 1080i Handycam Camcorder, and asked the girls to run through some poses while he ran tape. “I have already shot and edited 3 features so far on my home iMac G5, and those will be available TODAY from the iTunes music store. “ said the 50 year-old aspiring film maker. “We expect to roll out Wicked’s entire 2005 catalog by the end of November, just in time for the holidays.�

“Oh, and there’s one more thing…�

Jobs then announced a 6th iLife application. “We call it iPorn, and it’s amazing. iPorn takes the best elements from iMovie, soundtrack, and garage band, and combines them into an intuitive video editing application specifically designed for editing amateur pornography in the home. “

Jobs then ran through iPorn’s rather impressive features list:

• iPorn supports video in (SD) standard def all the way through full HD
• iPorn can automatically analyze footage, and generate the appropriate porno music soundtrack in real time, based on the action. (Jobs demoed a scene where a pizza delivery man accidentally showed up at a bachelorette party, and the results were impressive)
• A wide range of filters, such as one that adds a boom mic to the top of a shot, and one that adds the shadow of a camera man to the scene

Due to its heavy reliance on Core Image, iPorn requires OS X 10.4.3, and a G5 2 GHz or better. iPorn ships in early December, and sells separately from the other iLife apps, for $69.

The adult entertainment industry brings in an estimated $10 billion annually in the United States alone. Given its largely youthful appeal, many analysts expected the adult industries to stay away from the iPod, fearing a public outcry and increased scrutiny. This new deal may help bring adult entertainment into the mainstream.

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  1. Wai says:

    Man, you are awesome!

  2. lolex says:

    the iporn slide behind Jobs is quite up to the Apple class.

  3. Well, guess I could “come Out the closet” so to speak. . . i’ve got a little collection of my own right now. Basically, it’s not exactly ametuer porn. In fact. It’s actually real porn (professional). it’s a mixed collection of what i like to call the “orgy 5”. It’s five minutes of the best porn scenes iv’e put together, consisting of Nothing but Doggie style for the firt five, then 1 minute of oral. it has Prodigy’s “Smack my bitch up” for the music. lol.

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