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I am a “BIG FAN” of 10.4.3

Posted by Igor

For some time now I have been writing to Apple, begging them to make a louder computer. As a video editor, it is important to me that there be as much noise as possible in the edit suite. Plus, powerful fans imply a powerful computer, and I wanted a way to impress clients quickly from the moment they enter the room, before they even see my work.

Well, Apple engineers listened, and delivered. BIG TIME. After upgrading to Apple’s latest OS update (10.4.3), my G5 is now so loud I doubt ANYONE will question its power. In fact, they are likely to think it runs on coal, as this thing sounds like an early combustion engine. Luckily for me, most of my clients bring me silent films from the early 1900’s to edit, so the fact I can no longer hear the audio tracks and music score doesn’t affect my business one bit.

Mac OS X 10.4.3 delivered a number of bug fixes to almost all areas of the OS, as well as a speed boost in key areas, most notably the speed at which the fans on my dual 2 GHz G5 are spinning. Now when I have a new client I want to “WOW!�, all I have to do is check my e-mail. The fans fire up like my computer is curing cancer, and the money rolls in.

Thanks Apple!

4 Responses to “I am a “BIG FAN” of 10.4.3”
  1. Trump's Baby says:

    good one.
    my dual 2.5 is going nuts too. I thought I remembered this happening with 10.4.2 as well, then it went away.
    not sure what fixed it. Was there a specific fan update that time?

  2. Johnny B says:

    Ha HA HA.
    my 15 inch powerbook is fine, but my friend’s tpwer is apparently also experiencing this. get some noise-canceling headphones.

  3. Julius says:

    In system prefences, go to energy saver, and select the options-tab. There you will find a drop-down menu labeled Processor Perfomance.

    Switch from Automatic to Highest, and the you can enjoy the silence.

  4. Dude says:

    Dude. Too funny. I’ve been wondering what my problem has been all these years and now I know, “I’m going to need a bigger fan.”

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