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Intel xServes now shipping

Ok, yeah, this is it. first one to leave a comment gets the you-know-what. Good luck!

The owner of a budget web hosting company claims he will be receiving Intel-based xServes next week.

According to his report, he had recently been shopping around for some new xServes for his company, when, out of the blue, his Apple rep called him with a very exciting offer. He asked the fellow if he would not only be interested in buying 3 xServes, but 3 xServes running on Intel processors!

He further goes on to explain that he had to agree to some non-disclosure agreements, so all he is allowed to tell us is the xServes have 2 chips each, 6 GB of RAM, and 4 fiber drives. A “nice looking� redesigned case is also mentioned.

Initially we were suspicious because of the lack of any facts or evidence to support his claim. The skeptic in us thought maybe this guy was just trying to drum up a little intrest in his $3-a-month web hosting company. But then we realized this was from his Blog, and we have yet to come across a blog that was wrong about anything.

Plus, if WE were Apple, and wanted to release OUR first Intel-based product, we know the way we would do it is to silently ship out a couple to some $3-a-month web hosting companies. You can’t BUY that kind of publicity!

So, look for new Intel xServes next Tuesday. You heard it here first second.

6 Responses to “Intel xServes now shipping”
  1. Marcus13 says:

    I want the touch

  2. Congrats, Marcus! You go it!

    – The Doc

  3. Marcus13 says:

    Hi Doc!

    Thank you very much for the Touch! 🙂
    I’m very-very happy! 😀

    – Marcus

  4. Ofek says:

    First one to leave me a comment saying “I want the touch” gets it.

  5. It says:

    So Close!

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