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iPod Invisa available on eBay

Posted by Igor

Fans of the recent Saturday Night Live skit featuring “Steve Jobs� introducing the latest iPods will be pleased to know they can now actually buy their very own iPod Invisa.

A listing on eBay claims to have the hot new iPod. The initial listing started at only 1 penny, but after 9 bids the auction has risen to $40 with 6 days left (still an amazing price for ANY iPod, let alone Apple’s latest offering!).

The auction describes the iPod Invisa as such:

Product Specifications:
• Size: 0.000000 mm X 0.000000 mm X 0.000000 mm
• Weight: 0.00000000 oz. (shipping weight 0.000000001 oz.)
• Holds 8 MILLION songs (8,000,000)
• Holds EVERY photograph ever taken
• Levitates in mid-air
• The MUST HAVE Christmas gift for all Mac fans and any music fan in general

This is the worlds smallest MP3 player and you can be the first person on your street to have it. All the cool kids will be talking about it when school starts back, and this is your chance to own one at an unbelievable price.
This auction is for an envelope. Inside of the envelope I will include the brand new iPod Invisa that is pictured above that I am holding in my hands. You will receive a brand new, mint condition envelope with an iPod Invisa inside of it. Overnight shipping is available for just $15, or I can just mail it to you for 37 cents – your choice. Whatever you choose, you will be the coolest person around when you show everyone your new iPod Invisa.

If the bidding for this gets above $50 then I will throw in a FREE pair of INVISA headphones. They are so tiny and so comfortable that you won’t even notice them when you have them on. You can actually see them in the picture above if you look just to the left of the iPod Invisa…they are there. Trust me.

Currently 12 bids have put the Invisa at $50, thus the winner will receive the FREE pair of INVISA headphones. If the bidding passes $125, the seller claims he will include a 512M iPod shuffle.

The listing has been pulled by eBay. However, currently there are 4 more iPod Invisas listed, ranging in price from 17 cents all the way up to 50 cents.

8 Responses to “iPod Invisa available on eBay”
  1. Mactel Williams says:

    The overnight shipping seems quite reasonable assuming it is insured.

  2. Mactel Williams says:

    I wonder why the shipping weight is an extra 0.000000001 oz.
    That’s too light for any shipping container, even an envelope.
    Does it gain in mass when in motion?
    I gotta have one of these….

  3. Jeremy says:

    …some people are idiots. Believe this if you will, what ever. I can’t wait to see the bunghole that wins this.

  4. Gonzo says:

    Lighten up, guys.

    It’s called “humor”


  5. Marc says:

    Jamie… you’re just jealous you didn’t think of it first. 🙂

    (I know I am.)

  6. ike says:

    I must have this… now… must have and consume. LOL

  7. Jackwhispers says:

    I can’t understand why a long standing eBay member would jeopardize his eBay business like this … the ONLY reason he’s doing is so he can promote his ajcannon.com site … He also is now claiming the “profits from the auction” will go to some kid in Ohio for cancer … why wasn’t that claim made in the beginning?

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