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RUMOR: The Simpsons go to Macworld

Posted by Helper Monkey

As we approach the 2006 Macworld Expo, reports are starting to come in giving us a clearer picture of what to expect. To be honest, from what we are hearing, we expect to be slightly underwhelmed this Expo, but we (like most Mac fans) are eternal optimists.

However, even the lamest Macworlds have proven exciting, and there is no denying Steve Jobs knows how to get a crowd going. To that end, we thought we’d let you in on a little tidbit we just came across (at the risk of stealing one of Steve’s “moments�).

Scuttlebutt says during the keynote expect to see Steve announce Apple’s upcoming iTunes video store partnership with FOX, and sources say his Jobsness will do so via a clip of The Simpsons’ opening title appearing on the big screen, as well as in the video iPod’s screen (no doubt to thunderous applause).

Realty Distortion Field or no, for some reason that image sends a chill down our spines. No word yet on how much D’oh! Simpson clips will cost, but initial reports indicate only the first few seasons will be made available at the onset, no “next day� download like LOST and Housewives (at least not yet). Perhaps FOX is making sure their healthy Simpson DVD sales are not compromised by releasing anything that has not reached its DVD sales plateau.

Unless the prices are for some reason outrageous, we know many of us here will be buying Simpsons-to-Go for our iPods (well, maybe not the FIRST season…)

4 Responses to “RUMOR: The Simpsons go to Macworld”
  1. Mactel Williams says:

    that would be nice, but I won’t hold my breath.
    (However, If they DO offer The Simpsons, I would love to be able to pick and choose epsiodes, and not be locked down to seasons.)

    I agree however that this year’s Macworld isn’t going to blow me away either from what I have been reading. Intel Macs, unless they TOTALLY blow away PPC Macs, isn’t going to get me rushing to the store, and an iPod boombox is nothing amazing, even streaming audio. Updates to the iFlie? OK…

  2. Wolfman Mac says:

    Did you mean iLife?

    If every year Apple made iPhoto faster and more stable with large libraries (15 k and counting) I’d buy a new iLife suite.

  3. none says:

    Your predictions missed the number one thing that’s going to be at macworld…

    Mac “media center” Apple plans to build on Intel’s ViiV platform to dominate the living room. trust me it will happen.

  4. p.mary says:

    if apple i tunes does have a partnership with fox, here’s my sugestions. tell steve jobs us diehard “prison break” fans needs to see past episodes of the fox series (that returns in march,) on our video i pods! ( if we can get one ) tell him we females need to see an image of “wentworth miller’s” character on that tiny screen than the guys drolling over an image of “eva longoria”‘s character (on desperate housewives) on their video ipods! please tell steve if the first season of “prison break” will soon be made available to itunes.

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