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Something cool to try

Posted by Helper Monkey

Here’s something cool to try.

On your keyboard (assuming you are on a Mac) hit:


Do it again to reverse it.

Not sure what you would use this for, but I have already had fun doing to to 3 of the office Macs here when people were away from their desks.

The truly cool thing is this sticks through a reboot, so unless you know the trick, you can totally screw with someone. (You can also undo this in the System Prefs under Universal Access.)


4 Responses to “Something cool to try”
  1. aurélien says:

    This is designed for people with poor sight. Some people see best white on black than the opposite. And this is a GREAT way to screw with someone. This, and turn the Magnifying Effect just a little bit, so the screen seems oout of focus and shaky.

  2. fredouil says:

    this little trick can save some useful minutes of battery (40), the screen consumes less in black

  3. Wolfman Mac says:

    Oh that’s nice.
    I didn’t realize it would stick through a reboot, but it makes sense that it would if it’s designed to help the visually impaired.
    I know so many people that know nothing baout their computers and would have a heart attack if I did that.

  4. Ben says:

    actually. LCDs use more energy while displaying black, because the contrast requires an electro-chemical form of “dampening” to attenuate the brightness of the backlight. A laptop that goes into power-save mode by dimming the screen is reducing the amount of power being sent to the backlight and thus lowering the wattage used. Inverting a fully-backlit screen requires slightly more energy than looking at the same screen not inverted in any case where the screen’s average luminance (non-inverted) is greater than 50% of the maximum luminance.

    This would be useful to combat eye strain, or to see subtle differences between pixels that are close to the high and low black levels of the screen, or to be used in low-light conditions, again to relieve eye strain.

    i guess on some other, non LCD technologies it would lower the energy consumption of the panel, as well.

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