Once again, when it comes to rumors, Apple is its own worst enemy: iLife ’06 and iWeb confirmed! - Macenstein

Once again, when it comes to rumors, Apple is its own worst enemy: iLife ’06 and iWeb confirmed!

Posted by Lab Rat

A forum posting over at MacRumors points to a slip up on Apple’s Garage Band site that makes mention of an iLife app called “iWeb� (the page has since been fixed, but see below for links). You may remember back in early November we posted an article breaking the news on Dashcode, Apple’s new widget maker software (and then you may also remember we were promptly rebuked for ripping that story off of Think Secret!).


Well, in that report we mentioned there was reason to believe Apple was working on a consumer WYSIWYG HTML editor/web graphics app, and it’s looking like we may have been right. iWeb would appear to be the new iLife app people have been wondering about for iLife ‘06. Now whether iWeb simply makes publishing your iLife materials to a .Mac account easier, or whether it is a bonafide HTML editor remains to be seen. Odds are, if it was a TRUE HTML editor, it might be better suited for iWork than iLife. So perhaps it will be more of a consumery blogging/share your family photos tool.

If so, then let me take a moment to write the iWeb portion of Steve’s Keynote…“Blogging is HUGE. Blah blah blah stats on estimated number of bloggers… But we thought it could be easier.�

For more screen shots, (if you’re quick!) try these links….
Link 1
Link 2

So, it seems like in what is fast becoming a Macworld tradition, Apple’s website has once again turned out to be their weakest link when it comes to keeping Steve’s Keynote address secrets. This slip up confirms not only that we will see iLife ’06 at Macworld, but also one of the major new iApps.

2 Responses to “Once again, when it comes to rumors, Apple is its own worst enemy: iLife ’06 and iWeb confirmed!”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Notice that on the top of the screenshot of the apple.com page, there are icons for GarageBand, iTunes, iMovie HD, iDVD, and iPhoto. But not for iWeb. The only evidence of it is in that little column of the side, which can easily be doctored. But whoever made this screenshot didn’t know what an iWeb icon would look like, or didn’t even realize he/she had left it out.

  2. Well, while the PC screen shot’s authenticity is up for debate, we took the image you see in our article ourselves, so that at least was actually there on an official Apple website.
    As to whether it will turn out to be a real product or merely a web site goof remains to be seen, but it was definitely up there and then pulled by Apple.

    here’s the now dead link


    We’ll see Tuesday.

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