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Dell inks deal with Zastava to provide seamless Yugo integration with Dell DJ

Dell Computers today attempted to steal a little bit of Apple’s thunder by announcing its own automobile alliance. Earlier this morning it was reported that Apple and DaimlerChrylser had jointly announced that Apple’s iPod connector would become a $175 option on Chrylser’s entire 2006 lineup of vehicles.

Not to be outdone, this afternoon Dell’s Ralph Parks, Senior VP of Europe, Middle East, and Africa announced a new deal with Serbian automobile company Zastava at its Kragujevac plant. According to the conditions set forth in the multi-dollar agreement, Dell’s “DJ Ditty�? music player will be an option on Zastava’s entire 2006 lineup vehicles, including the hot new Yugo Cabrio everyone is talking about.

Do to various sanctions, the DJ Ditty will initially only be available to the Serbian market, but Dell is nonetheless excited about he prospects of actually selling a DJ Ditty. “This will be a huge first step for us in regards to entering the digital music arena�? announced an obviously excited Parks. “Serbia’s automotive expertise is perhaps matched only by the Dell DJ Ditty’s stylish appeal. This pairing benefits both companies, but in the end, it is the Serbian consumers who will win.�?

Yugo and Dell will appear jointly at a borrowed folding card table outside the 2006 Belgrade Motor Show this April to show off the new DJ Ditty’s/Yugo integration. Pricing is expected to be $89 for a Yugo with the 512 MB Ditty, and $127 for a Yugo with the 512 MB Ditty with the pink armband and Ear Buds.

7 Responses to “Dell inks deal with Zastava to provide seamless Yugo integration with Dell DJ”
  1. Anonymous says:


  2. mflender says:

    Apple partners with Chrysler, Mini Cooper, etc, etc, and the best Dull can do is a Yugo? I think anonymous said it best, hahahaha.

  3. Vijay says:

    Haha! thats a pretty funny post. DJ Ditty! 🙂

    But you gotta admit, sans the Windows OS, the XPS Renegade with Quad Graphics is much closer to Ferrari than a Yugo. But the OS in it makes it a Dodge Charger… still good.

    Anyway, cant wait to hear Steve’s keynote tomorrow.

  4. Mike says:

    mflender – are you serious?

  5. mflender says:

    I beg your pudding. Of course I’m serial.

  6. MacMladen says:

    Are the car and DJ Ditty included in price or is it just the price of dock to make the car DJ Ditty ready? If everything is included, you can just dump the car and still get something usefull. Of course, if car is not required to recharge battery or downloading of music through cars’ integrated web services (CIWS 2.15 is latest revision).

    Dell made such a deal for Serbia only because outside Serbia there are little (if any) internet enabled highways that enables CIWS compatible devices.

    BTW there are rumors of Steve being quite pi**ed for not beating Deal on this tender. Then again, one can’t have it all.

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