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Microsoft’s SpyWare solution? Use a Mac

Posted by Igor

Well, once again the brilliant webmasters over at Microsoft may have made yet another graphical faux pas. A quick visit to the Microsoft security page shows a banner at the top reading “Click. You’re Clean. Get rid of malicious software�. The accompanying photo shows a middle aged man presumably effortlessly removing malicious software with one click while resting in a hammock.

That ain’t no GateWay…

This would be a great advertisement for how secure Microsoft’s XP operating system is if it weren’t for the fact that the laptop the fella is using looks suspiciously like a PowerBook with a (poorly) Photoshopped Windows screen stuck in. They even went so far as to draw an arrow pointing at the darn thing. Since we have all read the reports that the new Intel iMacs are having a tricky time running XP, it is unlikely that older PowerBooks could run it. The underlying message here is obviously if you want to get malicious software off your computer, the best way is to use an computer (and OS) that doesn’t have any to begin with.

This is not the first time Microsoft’s graphic artists have chosen stock photography for graphics on their site without paying attention to the type of computer shown, but we still find it funny each time it happens.

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