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RUMOR: iWeb originally BlogWave Studio?

Posted by Lab Rat

A report on MacShrine claims to have information on the rumored iWeb app that is expected to debut tomorrow alongside iLife ’06 at Macworld. The site claims iWeb is in fact a new version of BlogWave Studio, which was briefly offered to .Mac users last year. MacShrine claims BlogWave Studio’s creators, LittleHJ, have been bought by Apple, and site a cryptic message on LittleHJ’s website as evidence. That message doesn’t appear to imply a purchasing of the company in our minds, if anything, it could point to a purchasing of that particular product, BlogWave Studio.

Apple has a long history of buying up various software products and rebranding them under the Apple name, so on the surface this report does not seem unbelievable in that respect. However, BlogWave Studio is by no means Final Cut Pro, and just about any computer science major could write a similar program. So unless Apple was in a rush to get a blogging app out in a hurry in order to flush out iLife ’06 a bit, it would seem they could have “rolled their own� on this one if they wanted to.

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