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Steve’s “One More Thing� revealed

Posted by Igor

A highly reliable source has blown the whistle on Steve’s “One More Thing� this year, just mere hours before the even is set to kick off. Reportedly this years surprise ending will involve neither iPods nor Intel based portables, Wi-Fi remotes, or quite frankly anything of a technological nature. Instead, sources have confirmed to Macenstein that in the closing minutes of the Macworld Keynote presentation, Steve Jobs will bring out on stage his long-lost biological brother, of whose existence he learned of only one week ago.

The real shocker, sources say, is that his brother is none other than ultra conservative Supreme Court nominee, Judge Samuel Alito.

Altio (left) and Jobs (right) have much catching up to do.

In a textbook case of “nature vs. nurture�, the “free-wheeling hippie computer founder� and “right wing Republican strong man� would seem unlikely brothers, but our source claims the two will embrace on stage, likely amidst many tears and a U2 song.

If true, there will likely not be a dry eye in the house. Not so much because of the sentimental moment, but because unless Alito walks onstage holding a 15-inch Intel PowerBook, most Mac fans will be sorely let down. Still, the source is adamant about this piece of information, so we for one would like to be the first to formerly congratulate both Mr. Jobs and Mr. Alito, and wish both their families happiness as they begin the process of catching up on lost time.

4 Responses to “Steve’s “One More Thingâ€? revealed”
  1. Ian says:

    I thought his “one more thing” was that he was coming out of the closet.

  2. TheSerialMartini says:

    May I point out this is HIGHLY unlikely, as Alito is currently scheduled to be in a Congressional hearing when Jobs gives his speech.

  3. Wolfman Mac says:

    I think the Senate would understand.
    This is the epitome of family values!
    (although, Steve was adopted, which the Replicans probably frown upon…)

  4. Keir says:

    Well, seems that bit of info was wrong lol

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