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A red iPod in the cards?

Posted by Helper Monkey

Last week reports began circulating on the web that Apple was contemplating issuing a limited edition “red� iPod in conjunction with Bono’s (U2) “Product Red� initiative. Product Red’s noble goal is to help end diseases such as HIV and tuberculosis in Africa by convincing companies to donate proceeds from sales of specially designed products to the initiative. These rumors originated in a posting on the Popbitch newsletter in which the author claimed to have overheard Bono speaking about deals for a no-fee red Amex card and iPod while eating at the Patrick Guilbaud restaurant in Dublin.

Well, this week those rumors got legs when Product Red began to announce its first batch of partners. Notable among them, American Express, which has indeed released a red Amex Card. Other notable sponsors of the progam Converse, and GAP, which in the past has had ties to Apple’s Board of Directors.

The latest reports surrounding this rumor are forecasting an announcement form Apple “in the very near future�, so stay tuned.

4 Responses to “A red iPod in the cards?”
  1. Wolfman Mac says:

    I think the real news here is the no-fee Amex card!

    I wonder why Bono would only court companies that seemingly inflate their product’s price to begin with?

  2. Tuna Helper says:

    Hey, I just saw apple Insider just picke dup the Red iPod thing.
    Nice work!

  3. MacJunkie82 says:

    Is that what the red Amex card looks like? It looks like a bad photoshop job!

  4. Tuna Helper says:

    It really does look fake.
    but that seems to be the card on their website.
    What is GAP selling?
    red pants? Maybe they would raise a bit more money if they didn’t limit everything to red, just to col things.

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