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Feb. 28th: Think Secret vs. AppleInsider…Cast Your vote!

Posted by Lab Rat

The past couple of years or so, there has been an intense rivalry between the “Ali and Frazier” of the Mac Rumor community, namely Think Secret and AppleInsider. Both have made predictions for Apple’s upcoming February 28th media event, but who will be right? Mac rumor bragging rights hang in the balance. Let’s see what is at stake.

Think Secret has a long career of accurately predicting Apple’s products, so much so that they have been sued by Apple for revealing trade secrets. Usually their predictions become most accurate the day before or day of an event, so while we may only learn the true nature of a product a couple hours before the world at large does, this does indicate they have legitimate sources. However, those sources fell flat 2 months ago at Macworld 2006, and Think Secret pretty much struck out completely.

AppleInsider has proven incredibly accurate recently, and was the only site to predict the Intel iMac launch. Hours before Macworld, AppleInsider also got word of the Macbook Pro. So, let’s take a look at the February 28th event, and what these two titans of gossip have predicted.

Think Secret has said a new video iPod is likely, and that a new iPod boombox is a definite. They credit AppleInsider with first delivering the news that such a boombox exists. As for anything else Apple may reveal, Think Secret says “Further product announcement details remain shrouded in secrecy.�

AppleInsider claims we will see a new Intel Mac mini at tomorrow’s event. AppleInsider agrees with Think Secret that “confirmation of other product introductions is still somewhat lacking at this time.� However, they suggest the most likely candidate is indeed the iPod Boombox it first predicted would arrive at Macworld.

So who will be right? The rumor game is a tough one, and available information appears to be either feast or famine with these sites. (Lord knows we have never been right when it comes to predicting Apple’s moves). Apple Insider will likely get a free pass if it misses the boat on this one, since it was so “on� about Macworld. Think Secret, however, really needs a win here to help it retain its “street cred� earned by predictions so accurate they got the attention of Apple’s legal team.

So, assuming both sites agree the iPod boombox is a “go�, who do you think will win this round? AppleInsider’s Intel Mac mini, or Think Secret’s video iPod?

7 Responses to “Feb. 28th: Think Secret vs. AppleInsider…Cast Your vote!”
  1. Way Cool Jr. says:

    I’m going with AppleInsider here.
    Mainly because I want a Mac mini more than a bigger video iPod.
    Plus it sounds liek Think Secret was just guessing about the new iPod, nothing concrete.

  2. Geoff says:

    Appleinsider too.
    I want a Intel Macmini.
    and i dont want to get screwed because i have a iPod with Video

  3. me says:


  4. Addison says:

    I’m going with AppleInsider.

    By the way there’s a huge bias in your argument… every rumor site was wrong about Macworld 2006, not just AppleInsider 😀

  5. Wolfman Mac says:

    Well, AppleInsider got a couple BIG things right about MacWorld, where noboday elese got anything.
    Just because they also thought new shuffles were coming doesn’t take away from the MacBook and iMac scores.

    I am going with Apple Insider too, although I see CNN/Money thinks the full screen iPod is coming out. I fear they still think Think Secret knows what it is talking about, and now expectations are too high.

    I can totally see where rumors can hurt a company’s stock. It’s hard to live up to the hype.
    However, Apple shouldn’t pre-announce a special event if it doesn’t want expectations to grow.

    so maybe that means there is something “BIG” coming afterall.

  6. Rob says:

    Well Im hoping for the new ibooks to come out. Thats all.

  7. Tuna Helper says:

    I think Think Seret might just be guessing at this point.

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