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Frivolous lawsuits against Apple on the rise

Posted by Igor

Gainesville, FL. – Fresh on the heels of news of a lawsuit filed against Apple last month by Louisiana’s John Kiel Patterson (who claimed his iPod could potentially cause him hearing loss if played too loud) comes news of 2 more lawsuits aimed at taking Apple to task for negligence.

Tucker Fried of Gainsville Florida is suing Apple for a severe case of “hat hair� he claims he suffered as a direct result of wearing an Apple-branded baseball cap he received as a free promotional item at a 1997 Macworld Expo.

Mr. Fried (above) suffered 3rd degree hat hair over 80% of his head after wearing his Apple hat for extended periods of time.

Many analysts have called the “iPod hearing loss� lawsuit frivolous, and suggested Mr. Patterson could simply lower the volume on his iPod. Mr. Fried’s lawsuit, however, is proving to be far less frivolous.

“This one is going to be harder for Apple to just shrug off,� says Lehman analyst Kevin Trudeau. “The iPod comes with a warning about hearing loss, and suggests guidelines for proper usage. The hat, on the other hand, simply warns users to ‘machine wash cold’. Mr. Fried operated the hat properly, and was injured as a direct result.�

Mr. Fried claims he wore the hat for an extended period of time, causing him to receive 3rd degree “hat hair� over 80% of his scalp. He is seeking unspecified damages.

Meanwhile, Apple’s legal woes continue to mount as news of a third lawsuit made headlines this morning. A San Jose, California woman has filed suit against Apple Computer in Santa Clara County court this week over allegedly finding a severed finger inside her PowerMac G5 computer. The woman, who’s identity has not been released, claims after finishing a bowl of Wendy’s chili on January 24th, she decided to add an extra hard drive to her computer. It was upon opening her PowerMac that the gruesome discovery was made.

The finger (above) was allegedly found next to the PCI Express graphics card.

Trudeau thinks this lawsuit is perhaps likely to be the most damaging to Apple’s reputation. “People expect to find severed fingers and other organic material in a Dell or a Gateway computer, but not an Apple. This discovery, if proven true, may cause some to ‘think Different’-ly about Apple’s quality control.�

3 Responses to “Frivolous lawsuits against Apple on the rise”
  1. tolbs says:

    Oh man! That was hilarious. I need to dig through the archives now and see what else this site has to offer 🙂

  2. Tuna Helper says:

    “People expect to find severed fingers and other organic material in a Dell or a Gateway computer, but not an Apple.


  3. Way Cool III says:

    I once picked up an iPod at my local Mac Store dirve thru, & upon driving off, all the steaming hot pre-loaded music leaked all over my lap. Think I have a case?

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