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Rumor: Apple special event February 22nd?

Posted by Lab Rat

An anonymous reader sent us a link to a Flickr posting which they claim shows an invitation to an Apple special event on February 22nd at the Moscone Center. The picture seems to show an Airport Express.

While the authenticity of the invitation cannot be verified (by us at least), this could hint at the video streaming version of AirTunes many have talked about. There have been recent rumors of an upcoming Apple music event.

Pictured in the invitations is what looks to be an Airport Express…could this be the video version we’ve all been waiting for? Odds are no, as streaming wireless video would likely necessitate 802.11n, which has not yet been formerly ratified as a spec. We have seen no other specific mention of this event on any other rumor sites, so this could possibly just be someone with too much free time and Photoshop. We could find no mention of the event on either Apple’s site or the Moscone Convention Center’s website. We should also point out we have a long history of being duped by anonymous sources, so take this for what it is.

Above: the blurred out text is a hallmark of suspect photos…

[UPDATE:] Many other rumor site have now picked up on this, and have since changed their tune on it is as well. Apparently the poster of the photo on Flickr has a history of (badly) photoshopping Apple products.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    If it is true I wonder what else Apple would announce as I would doubt that Apple would hold such a high profile event as Moscone and release just one product.

    Perhaps we’ll see other announcements, maybe products that were rumored to be announced at MacWorld but were supposedly pulled at the last minute.

    Time will tell.

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