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RUMOR: New Apple patent hints at video iPod with larger screen

Posted by Lab Rat

Yesterday news of Apple’s patent number 20060026535 hit the internet. The patent describes what is largely being thought to be a new touch pad interface for a tablet computer. In looking through the patent, however, it seems far more likely to us that the patent speaks of a new touch screen interface for the iPod.

With sales of iTunes video clips beginning to take off, Apple is looking for ways to make the iPod a more appealing video playback device. The biggest issue with the iPod’s design is the lack of “real estate�. The screen on Apple’s 5th generation iPod has just about reached the maximum size possible while still being able to house Apple’s revolutionary “click wheel� navigation system.

Above: the Patent displays images of a user navigating menus and such using the same circular finger movements as someone using Apple’s click wheel.

While the device depicted in the images certainly appears to be larger than an iPod (thus the confusion over a tablet PC), patent drawings are for illustrative purposes only, and do not usually depict the way the end product will look.

In our opinion, Apple would not be foolish enough to enter the tablet PC arena. There is hardly a Windows market for such a device, and the Mac market would be non-existent. Apple’s current good fortunes lie in the iPod, and so too do the majority of their ongoing research. To that end, we would like to lay the rumors of an Apple-branded tablet PC to rest, and start the rumors of a touch screen iPod with 4.1-inch screen.

4 Responses to “RUMOR: New Apple patent hints at video iPod with larger screen”
  1. tolbs says:

    Thats pretty big for an ipod (unless pictured person has really TINY hands). My guess is a device with a really stripped down version of osx that plays video, audio, ebooks, pdfs, etc. Probably will have a spotlight feature.

    That would be kind of sweet…

  2. Papa Smurf says:

    I don’t think that is an actual drawing of the product, like they say.
    It is just a representation of the interface.
    I think it IS for a video iPod, or at least a video iPod and something else too, like a universal remote.

  3. Dude With Low IQ says:

    F… A… K… E…

    One glance at the photoshop image made me puke.

    You people honestly BELIEVE that Apple “designed” that image?

    For Christ’s sake! They designed the iPod and the iMac!

    Surely, they can do better than a bored teenager with nothing better to do at home.

  4. Dude With Low IQ says:

    The above comment was meant for the fake invitiation for 22nd Feb.

    Thus, the level of my IQ is proven correct.

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