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Windows Vista’s biggest bug? Windows Vista!

Posted by Lab Rat

reader rico sent us a posting over at Gizmodo showcasing an interesting new feature of the upcoming Windows Vista operating system. It seems the latest version of Microsoft’s OS will actually show you a list of programs which are running slowly or causing your computer to under-perform. The ironic part is they have a screen cap showing that the 3 apps slowing down a particular user’s copy of Windows Vista are: (Host Process for Windows Services) svchost.exe, (Windows Explorer) explorer.exe., and (Microsoft Desktop Window Manager) dwm.exe.

Of course, Windows Vista is still in beta, so it is likely at least one these bugs will be fixed by the time it ships (or soon thereafter).

7 Responses to “Windows Vista’s biggest bug? Windows Vista!”
  1. A Marketing Genius says:

    Man, the more I read about Windows Vista, the more I think Apple should be advertisign its MAC OS X more. I mean, Windows Vista is going to have a HUGE advertising campaign.

    I bet if Apple just made a series of 15 second commercials that just showed how cool the OS is, it would be very effective. Hell, just showing Windows users the way open windows minimize into the dock, or Expose or widgets always gets people excited when I show them.

    It just pisses me off that 95% of the world who has never seen the Mac OS are going to think Vista is groundbreaking.

    C’mon Apple, use some of that iPod cash to ADVERTISE.

  2. John says:

    Absolutely agree!! It’s annoying that so many people hate on the Mac system when they’ve never even seen it! Worse off, they spend five minutes on it and complain. It’s a different OS, it takes a few days to get comfortable with it. The difference between Mac and Win? At least you CAN get comfortable with Mac, Windows folks are always trying to fix what’s wrong with their systems!! That’s why I switched, I’m a video editor, NOT a computer programming and I like my computing experience to reflect that. Unfortunately, even with the obvious in competence of Microsoft to even bring their product to market, after dropping more than half of what they initially promised, Vista will sell like hotcakes. Bring in the lemmings!!!

  3. robotlol says:

    how is this a bug ? all it is is some moron stealing a screenshot from and trying to pass a feature (with no real functionality) off as a bug.

    good work attention whore; get a clue.

  4. artanis says:

    lol, 3 core windows processes running slowly is a feature of vista! way to go robot

  5. Geno says:

    Art is gay

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Nathaniel says:

    and it is funny that one of the programs that is slowing down the system is listed as explorer.exe.

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