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Charity seeks to raise money for Steve Jobs’ family

Posted by iGor

A California charitable organization is seeking to raise money for the family of Steve Jobs, who it was just reported received only a $1 salary from Apple this year.

“This is outrageous,� said Penny Pincher, Chairwoman of P.E.T.E. (People for the Ethical Treatment of Executives). “Mr. Jobs’ $1 a year salary breaks down to only $0.00048 an hour, well below California’s minimum wage of $6.75. We are seeking to raise enough money through donations to help feed Mr. Jobs and his family, and we are also petitioning Apple to end these “sweatshop conditions.�

“I am sure Mr. Jobs works very hard at his job, yet Apple only pays him $1 a year. Times have been so bad for Mr. Jobs in recent years that he had to work a second job (as head of Pixar Studios) to make ends meet. Presumably due to his tough financial situation, Mr. Jobs was forced to sell Pixar last month. This is disgraceful.�

3 Responses to “Charity seeks to raise money for Steve Jobs’ family”
  1. I’m in for a dollar.
    Steve is doing a great job!

  2. Cristiano says:

    This is a very good parody on the American high money side’s hypocrisy to sell packed lies for high money. Good for that, man!

    I give him 1 dollar if he retributes me with a brandnew iMac Core Duo.

  3. Walkingmac says:

    I’ll give $5
    Heres my CC#:
    NAME:Bill Gates
    And don’t ask me for any more, I am busy trying to make folding paper look like a cool thing.

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