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RUMOR: 17� MacBook Pros tomorrow

Posted by Lab Rat

Macenstein reader Jeff has popped up once again to provide us with his prediction for Apple’s 30th Anniversary Event tomorrow.

“Event?� you say. “ What event?�.


BUT, claiming to have “some degree of insider� knowledge�, Jeff claims we will see a 17’ PowerBook (er… MacBook Pro) tomorrow.

Sure he could be pulling our leg, but at the same time it is not HIS fault Apple was founded on April 1st.

For our part, we think that would be great and all, but for some reason we feel Apple has got nothing up its sleeve this time around. We feel our earlier info regarding another special sales event is more likely.

First, if they really WERE releasing a new product, Apple traditionally likes to create a media buzz first by pre-announcing their announcements. Second, if Apple were releasing a new “pro� Mac tomorrow, why would they release the Universal Binary versions of their Pro apps a mere 3 days before? Why not wait and do it all at once?

Still, Jeff was right once before, so we thought we’d post it if for no other reason than we know many of you are looking for a reason to live just one more day.

(And if you REALLY wanna get your hopes up, remember, if the 17-inchers DO arrive tomorrow, then there’s no reason we can’t assume that the 12-inchers will too!).

Just go ahead and TRY to sleep tonight!

[UPDATE:] Apparently Jeff knows nothing.

4 Responses to “RUMOR: 17â€? MacBook Pros tomorrow”
  1. switchtoamac says:

    If Apple fails to announce anything tomorrow, I’ll be disappointed. I would expect them to celebrate their 30th anniversary in some way. They could at least have a sale at the Apple store that lasts the weekend.

    I will have to question Apple’s PR department if nothing comes of their 30th anniversary. Apple has a great opportunity to capitalize on it’s current popularity and media buzz. If they fail to do so, it will be a missed opportunity.

  2. Well, Apple DID brighten all 30 inches of pixels in their 30-inch displays.
    THAT’S probably all they have planned to commemorate 30 years.

  3. Are you the same Danuta that was an actress in LA in the 1970’s? My wife is Paula Kane and she would love to hear from you.

  4. Simeon Leet says:

    If you are the same Danuta as the actress, then I think you deserve more notoriety than you have received. Is it possible to email you?

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