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RUMOR: April 1st, special sales at the Apple Store?

Posted by Lab Rat

While the odds of an Apple “special April 1st event” are dwindling with each “special invite”-less day, (we’re so worried we won’t see any new products unveiled this weekend, we’d even be happy just to see the normal batch of fake Apple invites on Flickr at this point) one source has come forward to shine at least a little ray of hope on this weekend’s prospects. We have received a report that Apple will (at the very least) be providing another one of its Apple Store sale days, offering varying discounts on its products this weekend to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the company’s founding.

In the past, Apple has offered discounts on all things from iPods to iMacs to software. Recently Apple was able to remove its remaining stockpile of G5-based iMacs, leaving the iBook G4 and the 17-inch and 12-inch Powerbook G4 (which are ripe for Intel updates) to be the the candidates most likely to see a notable discount. Usually the price drops have been no more than $100-$200 off a CPU at most, but with updates to many product lines looming, and the need to do SOMETHING special to commemorate reaching the big 3-0, Apple may be willing to go the extra step here.

Rumors of a new “video iPod” for April 1st have been circulating for months, but recent reports have said production on these models may have only just recently begun. Intel updates to Apple’s remaining G4 portable line are much more likely for this weekend, however we would have expected to see an official press release teaser by now if that were the case, so we are leaning towards lending this rumor a bit more credibility than most.

3 Responses to “RUMOR: April 1st, special sales at the Apple Store?”
  1. Bill M. says:

    I would pick up the 17-inch PowerBook if they dropped it $500, which is what it SHOULD have been priced at all along…

    I am not holding my breath for a new video iPod on the 1st though.

  2. Way Cool Jr. says:

    that would suck.
    I reallyhope they release something new…even if it isn’t anything i would buy.
    Although, I am not sure why i feel apple must release products based on the time table of rumor sites….Everyone just ASSUMED they were going to release something, so now if they don’t everyone will be pissed.
    It’s not like they announced they were going to.
    (at least not yet 🙂 always hopeful)

  3. eberswitzal says:

    New Video Ipod??? WHat have you heard? Do you think it is flash based?? or what??

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