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Apple in talks to release special edition Don Knotts MacBook

Posted by iGor

Fresh on the heels of reports that Apple is alleged to be in talks with rapper 50 Cent’s people about creating a low-priced Apple CPU for inner-city folks comes word that Apple reps have also been approached by the estate of the late actor Don Knotts to create a special edition laptop for the elderly.

Unlike 50 Cent’s proposed budget computer, the MacBook Knotts (as it is being called) will cost $100 more than a standard MacBook, but be twice as large, with easy to read keys, and a 17-inch black and white screen running at a 800×600 resolution. “I’ve already told Steve Jobs to put me down for one,â€? said actor Tim Conway in a telephone interview earlier this morning.

“We anticipate the MacBook Knotts to be a big seller this fall,� Apple stated in a press release. “The average baby boomer is now pushing 60 years old. Most of these people grew up watching Don Knotts on the Andy Griffith Show on black and white TV sets. There is no overstating Mr. Knott’s Q-rating and appeal with this largely untapped market.�

Reportedly Steve Jobs himself has arranged for each MacBook Knotts to ship with a VHS copy of the Don Knotts classic Gus , the story of a field kicking mule (perhaps taking advantage of Steve’s new Disney ties).

11 Responses to “Apple in talks to release special edition Don Knotts MacBook”
  1. KingYaba says:

    17 inch black and white screen? Why not just make it color and run 800×600.????

  2. MR. MXYZPTLK says:

    This actually makes MORE sense to me than the 50 Cent tie-in. I know Rebok has had edorsements with 50 Cent, but shoe companies can somehow be associated with Gangsta rap and get away with it. Snoop Dog has endorsements, but he’s kind of a lovabble pothead joke now. 50 Cent is hard core, niggas and bitches, not what Apple (or any smart company) would want to tie-in with (outside the iTunes music store, that is).

    Don Knotts on the other hand was awesome. I’d buy a MAc from Mr. Furley any day!

  3. BB says:

    It’s nice that you are trying to be creative by making up news articles from news releases that don’t exist but at least get your grammar checked before you post them online.

  4. Anonymous says:

    My God people!

    Grow a sense of humor!

  5. Nad says:

    I`m personally waiting for the Adam`s family “Uncle Fester” edition, complete with self lighting light bulb

  6. smedly says:

    What we really need is a laptop hat has a separate screen and cable that can alow the keyboard to be in a location away from the main unit. There’s too much hunching over involved with todays standard laptop.

    All these novelty laptops for fitty cint and barney will never sell.

  7. SB says:

    I too would rather see a Don Knotts tie-in than a .50 cent tie-in.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Well, why Knott?

  9. Bobo says:

    It will come with one Barney Fife branded memory stick, but you’ll never be allowed to use it.

  10. The Wookalar says:

    Knotts was a genius, and should be honored. But I would rather have seen a Don Knotts iPod instead. Maybe Apple will release one when they secure deals with all the movie studios, and release the Don Knotts iPod with his complete library of work. (Including the Private Eyes 1981, Easily his finest work as Inspector Winship.

  11. Michael Hojnacki says:

    I believe Apple is in a strong position to grasp a wide spectrum of celebrity endorsements, Green Acres with Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor; The Munsters featuring Grandpa; Beverly Hill Billies and Jethro… You see the point. The marketing potential is huge!

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