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RUMOR: iTunes switching to Apple Lossless format?

Posted by Helper Monkey

According to AppleInsider, the new version of Apple’s iTunes Producer software (the program Apple sends out to record companies so they can make iTMS-DRM compatible AAC files) has a new option for Apple’s Lossless encoder.

The Apple Lossless codec provides better sounding audio (but larger file sizes) than the AAC codec Apple currently is pushing on iTunes. Files encoded with Apple Lossless come in at about half the size of the original uncompressed file, where AAC files are usually about 1/4 the size of the original.

If true, this is likely the result of 2 factors. First, larger hard drives are finding their way into Apple’s iPods these day, so space is no longer a huge concern for many users. Second, broadband adoption is really hitting its stride these days, and the overwhelming majority of iTunes Music Store customers are using some form of high-speed internet to download their songs.

This report, if it pans out (and AppleInsider has been pretty accurate as of late) raises a whole slew of questions. Will Apple offer Apple Lossless tracks alongside AAC files, or as a replacement? Will they cost more? Will Apple let you re-download your purchased AAC files as Apple Lossless without re-charging you? Is this increase in quality a reaction to the alleged increase in video quality Apple will allegedly be presenting in their alleged iTunes Movie store?

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  1. MR. MXYZPTLK says:

    The real question you are missing as far as I am concerned is if Apple does lossless audio and semi HD movies, what about releasing a new airport that is capable of streaming them?
    I have some MP3s that AirTunes can’t handle.

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