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RUMOR: iTunes movie RENTALS?!?

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

Think Secret is reporting that Apple has finally signed a deal with most of the major Hollywood studios to bring downloadable movies to iTunes, although it is not the deal most of us were hoping for. The site claims these movies will be rentals-only, and expire after either a set period of time or number of playbacks. No pricing information is given, and the exact terms of the rental scheme are not disclosed, but if true, this is obviously a big win for Hollywood, and somewhat of a defeat for our boy Steve.

Jobs has fought valiantly to bring legitimate download-to-own movies to iTunes, but it seems Hollywood may have won this round. As much as we are hoping this information turns out to be false, it would be nice to see Think Secret get a “big one� right, as they have been losing ground to AppleInsider recently in the Mac Rumor wars.

Think Secret claims Apple will announce this deal August 7th at the WWDC.

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