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Rumor: New MacBook Pros November 30th?

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

Macenstein reader Sean sent us a couple blurry camera phone pictures (our favorite kind!) and his theory on when the new MacBook Pros will arrive.

“I am an employee at CompUSA, i wa sin our apple shop and realized somethign very nteresting about the macbook pro sign. in the bottom right corner, the sign has an expiration date, the only reason i can see why they would do this is because they are planning a new relase.� [sic]

Quite frankly, we are not familiar enough with Apple’s signage to know if this means anything or not. The line in question reads “Sign expires November 30, 2006�. It would seem a little strange that one of the most secretive companies on the planet would put a release date for its next hardware revision out in plain sight.

This could merely be something to alert vendors when to remove old advertising materials if they have not yet received new ones, and for all we know there could be this little line at the bottom of every poster for Apple products with an arbitrary 6 month expiration date. We really don’t know. But, in the hopes that this turns out to be something, (combined with it being a slow news day) we are posting it anyway. Thanks for the tip, Sean!

5 Responses to “Rumor: New MacBook Pros November 30th?”
  1. Way Cool Jr. says:

    Aren’t othe rcompanies, like Dell and such, gonna put out their new Core 2 Duo laptops out way before then, like September? I doubt Apple will wait that long.

  2. Former CUSA Apple Rep says:

    Those dates note when the next set of signage is due to come out. It has nothing to do with release dates of hardware. The dates that you want to keep an eye on are the dates on rebate forms. The rebate forms are more in line with marketing and what will be released when.

  3. My MacBook (not Pro) posters have these on them too, same date, didn’t think it meant anything really.

  4. Sean says:

    the reaosn i thought it meant somethign is ebcause the poster is liting the hardware, why would the poster expire unless the hardware is changing?

  5. war says:

    It is very common for retail establishments to put dates on the signs in their stores. Just go to a Macy*s store and pay attention to the signage as they all have dates on them. The dates don’t represent anything other than for them to know when new signage should be put up/when to take down signs. As much as I love a juicy Apple rumor I think everyone is making something out of nothing.

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