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REVIEW: The POWER POUCHâ„¢ Sports Bra for iPod

Posted by The Bride of Macenstein

Back in July, the boys here caught wind of the POWER POUCH Sports Bra by gracie’s gear, and dubbed it “single most important iPod accessory to ever have been made.� Well, little did they know, they were actually on to something.

I received our test POWER POUCH about 3 weeks ago, and have been putting it through its paces on an almost daily basis. I am happy to say that the POWER POUCH actually IS one of my favorite iPod accessories we’ve ever tested.

The POWER POUCH is a high-quality sports bra with 3 built-in pouches up front designed to hold a variety of jogging necessities, from your iPod (or other MP3 player), to keys, credit cards/key cards, energy bars, cell phones, cash etc.

The POWER POUCH line is available in 3 styles; the POWER POUCH Long Tank, the POWER POUCH Short Top, and the POWER POUCH Cami. I tested the Short Top model, and found it to be a very well made jogging bra with great support, whose racer back straps allowed for a full range of movement, something I look for in a sports bra. The POWER POUCH is 88% polyester/12% Spandex, and has held up well under repeated washings. Additionally, the fabric promises to inhibit odor-causing bacteria for the life of the bra by way of an Ultra Illuscent Max manufacturing process.

While there are many well-made sports bras available, what sets the POWER POUCH apart from the competition are the 3 pouches built in to the front of the bra. There is a large center pouch, designed to hold larger items, such as full-sized iPod, and 2 smaller pouches (one on each side of the larger pouch) designed to hold smaller items such as a key, or some rolled up cash. To give you an idea of their size, my iPod Shuffle fit snugly in the side pouches. Additionally, on the left strap there is a small earphone cord holder you can thread your headphones through to keep an iPod’s chord from getting tangled when you run.

From left to right: The POWER POUCHâ„¢ Long Tank, the POWER POUCHâ„¢ Short Top, and (MY favorite) the POWER POUCHâ„¢ Cami.

Additionally I was very surprised to find that not only did a 4th Generation iPod not look bulky or odd in the POWER POUCH, I actually could not even feel its weight when running. This is a testament to the support the POWER POUCH gives. It also means the iPod is not unnecessarily jostled about, something you want to avoid with the hard drive based iPods.


Available in multiple styles and colors, the POWER POUCH Sports Bra is a great idea, and now a welcome addition to my workout routine. The iPod’s high placement on the body and the chord management of the POWER POUCH mean your arms are free to move as you please without fear of accidental headphone tangles, and my hands are now free to hold free-weights instead of my iPod. The extra side pockets mean there is room for keys and cash, something often missing in sports armbands. The POWER POUCH is an extremely comfortable, durable, and supportive sports bra that any active, fashion conscience “Mac Chick� should be proud to wear.

the POWER POUCH Sports Bra by gracie’s gear

Price: $33.00

Pros: Very comfortable, great support, pouches can hold a variety of items without appearing bulky

Cons: None significant

24 Responses to “REVIEW: The POWER POUCHâ„¢ Sports Bra for iPod”
  1. zpjet says:

    very nice and stylish! i regret i’m not a woman!

  2. gregor says:

    you got to be kidding me!? they look nice yes,.. if the person, who’s going to wear that won’t have any breasts.

  3. Xygoz says:

    Pouches… neat… Is it compatible with other mp3 players or apple only?!~

  4. Its cool how apple thinks and make biz. atleast they will have somewhere to put there Ipod while doing some Gym work.

    You wont be surprise to see underpants too with ipod holder

  5. HappyGuy says:

    Look. boobs… *drool* (.)(.)

  6. Ben says:

    How about a male version? “Speedo Pouch”? Hahahaha!

  7. You used the wrong version of “chord”; it should be “cord”.

  8. Jamie says:

    What sort of system requirements will I need for this?

  9. Andy says:

    Hmmm Speedo Pouch…. probably not a good idea if you have a nano….


  10. Aneudys says:

    Why do we (men) don’t get any of this cool stuff?
    Is there a male version?

  11. FrostedGlass says:

    The male version would be the bro or manzier (ref. Seinfeld).

  12. Liz says:

    This is awesome!!! Hopefully it can support DDs! Doubtful.

  13. Ogre says:

    Umm…. How well does an iPod hold up to moisture? If you are doing any significant workout in this Sports Bra then the pouch is going to be soaked with sweat by the time the workout is over. Sometimes when I’m cycling I put my Nano in the back pocket of my jersey and it gets a bit sweaty back there, I would think this pouch would be twice as bad.

  14. techno says:

    ahhggg no more cleavage…

  15. Kirat says:

    I like this idea, it’s a convenient place for women to keep their iPods without discomfort. I do have some female friends who’d fancy a go with one of those, but I also want to know if it’s suitable for a rather large size? I’d think the fabric would get awfully stretched, come to think of it.

  16. Allison says:

    I am curious about the sweat – I have the Nano lanyard headphones, and while they worked since the first day the Nano cam out beautifully (by slipping the Nano under my sports bra, my Nano has begun to allow sweat to leak into the display area. Would this be a good solution? I’m hoping the fabric would absorbe enough moisture to keep my Nano dry.

  17. Barbara says:

    I wouldn’t want that much radiation (iPod, cellphone, PDA) next to my “radiation.” If you know what I mean. Breasts have it tough enough. Sharp corners are one thing, but cancer too? No thanks. Barb

  18. Mehul Patel says:

    I agree with Barbara,

    this should be tested thousand times before the first SALE as it could come with serious health issues for Girls as iPod has very high voltage power supply / circuits / amps/ and more

    its a grt idea but I am not sure if Safe and helathy!



    Mehul Patel

  19. roanne says:

    Wow, that’s one hell of an expensive bra. But, i don’t think it makes sense to put a pouch there. What if all of a sudden you trip on the floor with your face flat? that’s a big ouch for the broken iPod, and the lacerated chest…

  20. Name Alexey says:

    !!! It is class to itself

  21. nobody says:

    well how good will u look with the shape f an i-pod sticking out of it?

  22. mike says:

    I like it! when my girl friends says what are u looking at I can just say I’m looking at the bulge on her chest and she will say o that’s just my ipod! now I can get away with looking at her boobies! yay

  23. jac says:

    well i put my ipod in my sports bra and its fine me in my sister were like we need to make a bra with a pouch and then this came out we dont use it cause we thank with no pouch it acutly works better and are boobs dont sweat so its not bad for us

  24. Shaun says:

    I have put my ipods in my sportsbra in the past. I beleive the moisture caused them to have water damage. So unless the bra will protect the device from sweat I would be very careful

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