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New Steve Ballmer Silhouette Zune Ad

Posted by iGor

The infamous September 2000 video of CEO Steve Ballmer going nuts at a Microsoft 25th anniversary pep rally will likely go down in tech history as one of the funniest pieces of video ever. At least around here, anyway.

Well, the funniest just got funnier. Faithful Macenstein reader Andrew sent us this video from where some industrious soul has taken Ballmer’s Disco freak-out and turned it into an iPod-like silhouette Zune ad. Really well done. (especially the end). Thanks Andrew!

4 Responses to “New Steve Ballmer Silhouette Zune Ad”
  1. tibor says:

    He looks even more graceful as a silhouette. Are zune earbuds white? I never noticed.

  2. Jim says:

    when he split in 2 i spit out my coffee!

  3. jason catudal says:


  4. Daniel Ward says:

    OMFG – great job – that’s funny. I love the skipping / bluescreen at the end.

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