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A new video iPod just ’round the corner, or wishful thinking?

Posted by iGor

Hardmac has taken a snowflake of a story and rolled it into a Frosty The Snowman-sized iPod rumor. Apparently, they feel there is a strong possibility of new iPods being released in the not-too-distant future based on a report from a European journalist, who Hardmac deems a trustworthy source. The newsman in question reportedly received an 80GB iPod last week from Apple for review purposes, but only days later he received an urgent call requesting he send the iPod back by next Friday at the latest.

Does this mean a new iPod is being released soon, and Apple doesn’t want anyone reviewing outdated technology? Well, Hardmac thinks so.

Now, we here at Macenstein have been dying for an “iPhone without the Phone” for about 3 years now, but we think Apple would be foolish to release such a product ahead of the iPhone’s official launch and risk cannibalizing both its sales and thunder. We fear if there is a new iPod to be unveiled this month, it will likely be a 5.5G iPod with a 100 GB drive, and nothing more. No “true” video iPod, with Wi-Fi and all the bells and whistles. Still, there is something about Frosty The Snowman-sized rumors that gets us excited and feeling optimistic. Perhaps there is some magic in that old silk hat after all….

3 Responses to “A new video iPod just ’round the corner, or wishful thinking?”
  1. IP Freely says:

    I didn’t know Apple even loaned out iPods to the press for review. Seems especially odd at this point, since it’s been out forever, and the current models are months old…

  2. Petje says:

    The question is: Why didn’t this fool take any pictures of this new ipod.
    Because it’s a fake story perhaps…

  3. iGor says:

    No Petje,

    They never said they GOT a new 6 gen video iPod, they said the old one 5.5 gen they were sent to review was immediately asked to be returned, implying a new model may be coming out.

    Thus no picture.

    But yes, the story is likely not true, but not intentionally misleading. They are just jumping to conclusions, which is ALWAYS fun!


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