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Bill Gates showcases iPhoto, er, um, Windows Vista

Posted by iGor

ZDNet Austrailia’s Munir Kotadia has come across one of the funnier “geek” videos we’ve seen in a long time. Apparently someone who has seen one too many Windows Vista demonstrations showcasing all the “new, never-before-seen” features Vista has introduced to the world, has decided to take Bill Gate’s voiceover from a Vista demonstration and overlay it on top of a video they made of iPhoto, which has had these “never-before-seen” features for over 5 years. The result is pretty funny, even if you aren’t a tech geek. (Nice selection of images too!)

7 Responses to “Bill Gates showcases iPhoto, er, um, Windows Vista”
  1. Prince Harry says:

    very good.

    I liked the Steve Balmer one a little better, but this was good. I agree, nice choice of photos used. The Gates mug shot makes it.

  2. imajoebob says:

    There’s little more entertaining than making a blowhard (whether it’s Gates, Jobs, Bush, Hillary, or even your local councilman) eat it! And doing it with their own words just makes it all the better.

  3. Chris says:

    This is like a year old. THere was a whole series of them that came out (seemingly) in hours after the demo.

  4. Thoth says:

    This was on the intarweb at least as far back as November (
    Still funny as hell, regardless 🙂

  5. Sue Hesch says:

    I would like to have iphoto on my Window Vista. Is it possible?
    Sue Hesch please, please, very important

  6. Sue Hesch says:

    My niece deleted a photobook from Iphoto after she installed ILife08 – I NEED TO ORDER 25 OF SAID BOOK. HELP!!!
    Sue Hesch

  7. Sorry Sue, it’s Mac-only

    -The Doc

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