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Webkit.org announces they are discontinuing Webkit

Posted by iGor

A post by maciej titled “Webkit Shutting Down” over at Surfin’ Safari caused us a brief moment of panic this morning. At first we thought maybe our article on Safari’s drain on system performance last month drove the good folks over at Webkit to lose all hope and throw in the development towel.

However, as Helper Monkey pointed out, the timing of the post (12:04 AM April 1st) is a bit suspicious. After reading a bit further in the post, it soon becomes obvious to all here that this must be a joke, and a pretty good one. After all, with lines like “I am pleased to announce that WebKit will be discontinued in favor of Trident, the engine inside Windows Internet Explorer” and “IE has often been criticized for its lack of standards compliance and long gaps in development. But Microsoft says they will do way better in the future, and we see no reason not to trust them with the future of the web“, they are either joking or on crack.

We were contemplating an April Fool’s joke of our own here at Macenstein with one of us being featured as April’s Mac Chick of the Month, but decided against it, as we would have obviously lost our entire readership. But we’re happy to see the April Fool’s spirit is alive and well in the tech world.

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