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Apple (and Macenstein) win Effie Award for “Get A Mac” Ad Campaign

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

Apple’s Get A Mac Ad campaign has won the Effie Award for “Most Successful Marketing Campaign of 2007“. The campaign has been credited for bringing about a 42 percent growth in market share for Apple, and we here at Macenstein couldn’t be more excited! So, on behalf of Apple and their ad agency TBWA, I would like to accept the award.

As most people know, I have been running a grassroots Get A Mac ad campaign since 2001 or so, having put the slogan on my car’s license plate many years ago.

Somehow my invitation to the awards got lost, so despite the ceremony being held just 20 minutes from Macenstein Labs (at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York), I was unable to attend. However I am very excited to be a part of the most successful ad campaign of the year, and just would like to send out our congratulations to Apple, TBWA, and to Us, (Macenstein).

Above: A brief timeline showing important events at Macenstein and Apple’s stock price.

3 Responses to “Apple (and Macenstein) win Effie Award for “Get A Mac” Ad Campaign”
  1. Mitch Engleman says:

    Thanks for the chuckle…..

    Imagine if you launched the Mac Chick of the WEEK!!!!

  2. Mitch,

    we considered it, but we didn’t think the stock exchange could handle it.

    -The Doc

  3. Sharky says:

    Who wants Mac Chick of The WEEK when you can have Mac Chick of the DAY! Now that would make the Stock market scramble….before you do this though…let me know so I can buy LOTS of Apple Stock!

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