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Review: iSkin SOHO case for MacBook/MacBook Pro

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

Admit it. You love your MacBook. You love the way it performs, and the way it looks. The only problem is occasionally when traveling you are forced to hide your MacBook’s beauty in some horribly designed PC laptop case that might as well be a burlap sack for all the thought that was put into its design. Well, luckily for you, iSkin has finally designed a laptop case worthy of holding a MacBook… the iSkin SOHO.

iSkin SOHO laptop caseAbove: iSkin sells the SOHO in 5 styles (Clockwise from top: Amazon (Pink), Graphite (Grey), Azure (Blue), Sahara (Orange), and Magnum (Red).

The SOHO looks very cool. The premium leather finish and colored accent stitching /interior lining (available in 5 colors) really make for a professional impression. The build quality is top-notch, and the stiff exterior and plush interior combine to provide a fair amount of protection from the majority of dangers your MacBook might face. This is not a hard case by any means, however, so don’t expect to be able to stand on your MacBook or use it as a bat for dorm-room baseball. This case is about keeping your high-end laptop safe while maintaining the high-end look.

The design is quite minimalist. There is no strap, no extra compartments for accessories. This case is designed to be taken to a classroom lecture or boardroom meeting and project an air of elegance and style rarely seen in cases these days. You may look like a slob, but your MacBook is going to look pretty successful.


The SOHO not only looks cool, but it can help keep you cool. Those of us who actually use our laptops on our laps will appreciate the extra layer of heat protection the SOHO provides.

iSkin SOHO laptop caseAbove: The SOHO is available in 13-inch and 15-inch size (sorry, no 17-inch yet).


The only real issue here is with the type of case the SOHO is designed to be. Because it has no exterior compartments to hold such add-ons as power cables, mice, or extra batteries, it is not really a travel case for a true “road warrior”. There is no shoulder strap to make carrying the SOHO a potentially less “drop-able” experience (although the grip on the SOHO is actually quite good). Therefore, the SOHO is really designed to be used in conjunction with another case of some sort (be it a back back, briefcase, man-purse, what have you) on trips of any length. Also, the SOHO is currently only available in 13-inch and 15-inch models, so 17-inch Macbook Pro users are out of luck for now.

iSkin SOHO laptop caseAbove: For longer trips, most users will want to still invest in a larger carrying bag for botht he SOHO and accessories.


Costing $59.99 (13-inch) to $64.99 (15-inch), the SOHO is easily the most stylish laptop case we’ve seen here at the labs. It’s apparent that iSkin had the MacBook and MacBook Pro in mind when designing and marketing the SOHO, and the case compliments them nicely. Available in 5 colors, the SOHO conveys a professional look while providing a good amount of day-to-day protection. The minimalist design lacks a strap or places to stow accessories, however, so road warriors may want to invest in a “case-for-this-case.”

iSkin SOHO case for MacBook/MacBook Pro

Price: $59.99 (13-inch) to $64.99 (15-inch)

Pros: Very stylish, professional looking; provides a good deal of protection from most bumps and spills; available in 5 colors

Cons: Long trips require another traveling bag to carry accessories, cables, extra batteries etc.; no 17-inch model

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  1. niclet says:

    Mmmm, great design. I would have liked a model for my AluBook 12″.

  2. jason says:

    Neat case.
    Anyone need Hard Case:

  3. Alison says:

    If you are looking for a hard plastic case, you can get it from Macbook Pro Case

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