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Help Build the ultimate iPhone feature request list

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

We’ve had the pleasure of using the iPhone for a couple days now, and while we certainly view it as a technological marvel, there is always room for improvement.

Since Apple itself has said there will be future software updates to add new functionality to the iPhone, we thought we would compile a list of things we’d personally like to see in the iPhone, and we’d like your help.

We invite you to add your ideas in the comments below, and we’ll add the ones we think are the best to the master list. (And if anything we bring up here actually is already possible in the iPhone, please let us know. We don’t claim to be iPhone experts yet). We’re not really looking for things like “add more storage” or “add a faster network”. We’re more looking for things that can be added via software/firmware to improve the way the current iPhone functions.

The list will be updated periodically as we continue to test the iPhone.

-The Doc

  • Add Copy and Paste – this should be a no-brainer. The question is of course, how would it work given the touchscreen interface? I think the iPhone needed one extra multi-function “physical” button somewhere on the exterior which could be programmed to handle different functions based on the app. This would be one scenario where I could see that button handling a selection/copy text motion when held down and the cursor was dragged across. But there could be other methods of doing this using the existing interface.
  • Display should have an auto-dim/off function to conserve battery life (I am aware of the auto-lock feature, and this is not what I mean). Since battery life is a concern with an all-in-one device, I don’t see why there is not a setting to control the screen brightness during inactivity. For example, if you navigate to the iPhone’s main menu, and then put the iPhone on the desk and walk away, an hour later the main menu screen will still be shinning brightly (perhaps even damaging the screen!). If you leave it charging over night with that screen showing, it will have been on all night. Similarly, if you are playing tracks in iTunes, the screen will not dim either (I paused a music track over 25 minutes ago, and the screen has been using full power the entire time).

    A “regular” iPod’s screen will dim after a certain amount of time. Laptops have a similar function. On the iPhone, the only way to set this is to set up the auto-lock to go on, which is not always ideal. I would like to see the screen dim or go black after a user-defined time period, and be able to be woken by a touch, not a physical button press. [UPDATE: I noticed if you have the iPhone plugged into a wall outlet charging, and have your auto-lock turned ON, the phone will not lock, and will instead dim the display after the set time (depending on what you are doing, this is not consistent throughout the iPhone. The iPhone display dims when on the main screen, or while playing a song with the “iPod” screen up, but if you pause a song while charging, it will lock, not dim).

    Not sure if this is intentional, but it is an example of what I want the iPhone to do when inactive and auto-lock is NOT turned on.

  • Drag URL onto “new page” icon to open a link in a new page – If you press and hold on a link in Safari, the link’s the url appears. Since there is no “right click” to open the link in a new tab (page), I think it would be cool if you could drag that “pop-up” link onto the New Page icon to open it in a new page.
  • Safari Password Storing – I understand mobile phones are particularly susceptible to theft and the iPhone perhaps even more so due to it’s “hot gadget” status, but I would love for Safari to be able to remember website passwords. The way see this working would be a “Keychain” type of functionality where one password could unlock them all. Have it timeout periodically for security (optional 5, 10, 30 min settings). Even entering the same password every half hour would be preferable to having to remember 30 others.

    Macenstein reader Kendall adds “I want Keychain on the iPhone as well, but also some kind of interface for reviewing and adding to the contents of Keychain – I’d like to be able to add other account codes there as well to be held securely.”

  • Widescreen keyboard should be an option for EVERY app that handles text, not just Safari. It’s just easier to type on a larger keyboard.
  • EVERY app should rotate when the iPod rotates. Mail and Notes especially, but maps would be cool too.
  • Add a master “Address Book/ Contacts” button to the main interface
  • Add an iTunes/Music controller to the top menu bar The top of the menu bar displays a little “play” icon when iTunes is playing music. When in any other app, you should be able to tap that triangle once to pause, and again to play. It is annoying to have to tap the “main menu” button, then “iPod”, then “pause” if you need to quickly and briefly pause the music.
  • Flash and Java Support Obviously this will be tricky, but it will go a long way toward allowing developers to code more “app-like” applications for the iPhone, and should open up games to the iPhone as well. The problems are of course these will likely be crippled in some way by Apple/AT&T to discourage VoIP apps from being written. Rumors are Flash support will be added sooner than later, so perhaps we’ll get an idea of Java’s future when we see how Flash is handled.
  • Add “Disk Mode” like standard iPods I can’t tell you how many times I use my iPod to move files to and from work. Let’s get this going on the iPhone. After all, it is meant to help limit the number of devices we carry around. I don’t want to keep my old iPod or a thumb drive handy.
  • Ability to assign more than one signature in Mail It took Apple a long time to being this feature to the “regular” version of OS X’s Mail, but now that it’s there, why didn’t they carry it over to the Mail settings? The “signature” option should be located under each mail account’s prefs, allowing you to assign a different signature to each sending address
  • I should be able to decline a call when the iPhone is “locked” If you manually lock your iPhone (or it auto locks after a set time) and you receive a call, you are presented only with the option of “Slide to unlock and answer phone”. I cannot decline the call and stop it from ringing without answering it. This is potentially embarrassing in a meeting situation where you want to silence your phone’s ringing without taking the call (I know there is a silent mode switch, but that is not the same. I want to be able to send people right into voicemail, instead of having everyone listen to my phone vibrate until they are sent to voicemail). Unlocking a ringing iPhone should NOT auto answer it (unless you set it in a preference). It should merely unlock it and then give you the answer/decline button it normally shows if it. again, this is just another option that you should be able to set in a $600 cutting edge phone. [UPDATE: Apparently you can decline a call by pushing the wake/sleep button twice. I still think it should work with the touch button, but at least it is possible]
  • Add “Games” Fairies, would be an awesome one for the touchscreen.
  • Add “Rules” to iPhone’s Mail This would go along with adding folders, most likely, but it would be useful in deleting junk mail (unless Apple decides to let the iPhone respect Junk Mail headers (see below)).
  • User defined custom ringtones I KNOW this must be a feature Apple will eventually add; they must have just not had time for everything. But NO phone calling itself a “music phone” limits this feature. One of us here at Macenstein has already said this is the sole reason he is holding out on buying an iPhone. I understand that perhaps Apple wants to start selling ringtones via iTunes, but let’s not get greedy Apple. There’s room for both.
  • Let us browse the device via Bluetooth I’d like to be able to get the photos I took with the iPhone onto my computer without having to e-mail them back and forth. Similarly, I’d like to be able to perhaps pull off notes. [UPDATE: A few people have pointed out iPhoto will try to import your iPhone pics when attached to your computer. I have 2 problems with using iPhoto as the conduit for photos. 1) I want to also be able to drag photos ON to the iPhone without adding them to my iPhoto library. For instance, many site have started making iPhone sized wallpapers of various subjects. I don’t want a picture of Mr. Sparkle from the Simpsons or some Suicide girls in my iPhone library, but i MIGHT want them on my iPhone as wallpaper. 2) Anyone know what Windows users do?
  • Time stamping on SMS messages. There is none. What’s up with that?
  • Add a “period” key to the main keyboard.
  • Directory access, or at very least, access to the photos folder So you can upload iPhone photos to websites that support that like flickr.
  • A “multiple delete” key for e-mail Right now you have to delete each message individually. (Maybe add a “checkbox” system, like many webmail clients use to perform bulk actions).
  • Ability to remove Application icons from the main menu screen I’m sure as Apple adds apps this will become possible. It bothers me that a slot is taken up by the “Clock” app right now. While it is somewhat convenient to know what time it is in Tokyo at the moment, my current time is right at the top of the iPhone. The Clock seems like it was turned into an application just for the sake of filling a hole.
  • Add audio output option to alarms and ringer Similar the iPod’s options for the clickwheel sound to be heard in the “headphone”, “speaker”, or “both”, I think ringtones and alarm reminders should have these options. Putting the phone in “silent mode” will not make the alarm silent, or play only via headphones. There are times when I use the timer to time something, like when a DVD or set of video dubs is scheduled to finish. I’d like to have the option of me being the only one who hears my alarm go off.
  • Let us use an iTunes song/playlist for our alarm. – While we’re on the topic of the alarm, Macenstein reader Ryan says “I know I’m probably one of the 7 people who use their iPhone as an alarm clock, but the oversight of actually selecting from the music library is beyond me. I don’t want to wake up to a ringtone, i want to select from the 1,000 songs i put on the iPod. Come on, Apple, that’s easy. Step it up.”
  • Add Cover Flow view for contacts.Macenstein reader Daniel
  • Video Out like 5G iPodMacenstein reader Tracy
  • Ability to send text messages to multiple recipientsMacenstein reader David
  • Ability to open a link in a new page Maybe a two finger tap?- Macenstein reader Michael McLean
  • iChat Built in chat functions like AIM or MSN – Macenstein reader Kris Snow
  • A way to email the full 2 Megapixel pictures taken from the camera At current it only emails a 640X480 picture. – Macenstein reader SeanG (We agree. We only noticed this behavior ourselves this afternoon. Disappointing).
  • Customizable DictionaryMacenstein reader Doug Hardman
  • Safari bookmarks syncing should work like music/video playlist syncing. I don’t need my iPhone to have every bookmark that my desktop Safari has – there should be an ‘iPhone folder’ or an option to mark certain bookmarks with a ’sync to iPhone’ flag. – Macenstein reader El Payo
  • Pseudo GPS since there is not GPS chipset inside the iPhone, have google maps jump to the cell tower that you are currently logged on to – Macenstein reader john95127
  • Mail client should respect the mail server’s junk mail headings and not download junkmail (We personally think this is a great idea!) Macenstein reader JTK
  • Ability to use the iPhone as a wireless modem Wireless modem for my laptop via Bluetooth, via serial (to save power), Wireless modem for my laptop via WiFi. (mini WAP). – Macenstein reader BusinessGuy
  • MMS Seems a next gen phone should support this current-gen feature. – Macenstein reader Ferna
  • A true RSS reader RSS almost makes more sense on an iPhone than a computer. – Macenstein reader Michael McLean
  • Get Groups working in iPhone’s Mail Groups within address book do not retain their functionality in Mail. In Mail on OS X, inputting a Group Name into the To: field will automatically add all the email addresses you have stored in that group. Mail on the iPhone does not seem to support this feature. – Macenstein reader ScooterD
  • Video recording We’re not sure if this is possible or not via software/firmware, but we’re listing it anyway. Again, this is just one of those things found in clunkier, cheaper phones that an iPhone should be allowed to do. – Macenstein reader Florian Vanthuyne
  • Video uploading to YouTube and while we’re at it. let’s make it possible to upload those iPhone-shot videos to YouTube – Dr. Macenstein
  • Private photo gallery in Photos app I’d like a password protected album in the photo app. That’s the place where friends seem to go first to check out pictures and I’d love to have pictures that are my own private jokes and memories that are protected from being pawned through by others asking questions: ex-girlfriends/parents that kind of thing. People who are into mobile porn would probably like this too. – Macenstein reader Patrick
  • Support for Bluetooth GPS devices with Maps integration Bluetooth GPS devices are relatively inexpensive, have decent battery life, and wouldn’t have to add any bulk to the phone itself, since they’re external. – Macenstein reader ClunkClunk
  • Call duration We should know how long a call lasted. At the moment there is no way to see how long was a call. – Macenstein reader Jptolife
    We actually can see this being useful to those who require time billing, like lawyers and such who charge for phone calls.
  • Support for AirTunes Since this is the first iPod with WiFi, I think support for AirTunes would be a welcome addition. Currently, you can only stream iTunes music to AirPort Express speakers from a computer. AirTunes directly from an iPod would eliminate need to use a computer for this. Just sit on the sofa with your iPhone, stream music to your speakers over WiFi. – Macenstein reader bky (We’re not sure if this is possible with the iPhone’s current hardware, but it is a cool idea).
  • Voice Dialing Hard to understand why on earth they left this out, but I would have waited to buy had I known it did not have it. I make alot of calls from my car (via bluetooth headset), and voice dialing is essential. – Macenstein reader Erik Olsen
  • How about a To Do list tool that syncs with iCal/Outlook?Macenstein reader Laszlo
  • E-book reader (eReader)Macenstein reader Chris
  • Ability to turn pictures off when browsing on safari with edge for faster load times. Macenstein reader chris miles
  • Rearrange & Reorder I Googled for an hour trying to find out how to reorder my email accounts, stock lists & photo albums NADA, lemme drag & drop everything, please. – Macenstein reader Brett L
  • Add a search feature in the contacts bar When somebody like me has 1200 contacts they will get mixed up in different letters. An optional search bar should be included. – Macenstein reader Anonymous
  • Add a voice recorder I used this function constantly on my old phone. whether it be an idea for a song, or a spoken idea i couldn’t type out while driving, this was indispensable. – Macenstein reader lonelysandwich
  • Spotlight all over the place Mail, contacts, music, calendars, it should be everywhere. – Macenstein reader Allison
  • GPS via Dock connection I would like if there was an gps that could use the 30 pin connection at the bottom of the phone so it uses less battery life than blue tooth. – Macenstein reader Chris
  • Wi-Fi only mode How about letting me turn off the phone but not WiFi. I’ on vacation in a place with no cell coverage, but we do have WiFi here. My battery lasts only a day with the phone searching for a signal it is never going to find. – Macenstein reader John
  • iTunes Store I’m shocked you can’t buy things directly from iTunes on Apple’s first iPod + internet device, it seems ridiculous. And weird, cause they could make so much money from that. – Macenstein reader Allison
  • Allow all Application icons to display info Weather and clock icons should update continuously like the Calendar. Also, the calender should have notification buttons on it when you have an event within a specific time frame..for example if i have a meeting today one hour before the meting a “1″ notification button should appear on the calender- Macenstein readers Corey Gomel and Drew Russell
  • Add “dialed” and “received” to Call Lists Currently, the call lists are for All and missed. How about dialed and received as well? – Macenstein reader Seth Tepfer
  • Custom Dictionary I would like to add that I wish there was a way to teach the keyboard/dictionary words. I have used the “notes” features extensively to keep track of my day and find myself retyping some of the same words all the time and they are words that my phone doesn’t know yet. – Macenstein reader Kathleen
  • Turn the volume up to 11 Better volume while on calls and speakerphone. Louder ring tones. – Macenstein readers ballyhoo and Jamie
  • Mail fodlers Since I only use the POP email feature (currently) I would like the way to make a new folder to put mail into. They have the option to move a message to another folder, but only options are Inbox, OutBox, Sent, Trash. I would like to be able to make a new folder such as *save* so I can move emails (such as an email with my resume) into it so I can have it at all times without always seeing it in my inbox. – Macenstein reader Clint L
  • Contact Categories i got used to having categories in my Treo. Now I miss it. I want to be able to see filters for restaurants, family, doctors, co-workers. – Macenstein reader Bret L

    We agree. iTunes should have the option to sync only selected groups from the Mac’s address book. I do not want something like added in my iPhone’s address book just because I had them in My Mac’s “stores” addresses used to perform a rule.

  • Keep the suggestions comin’ folks!

    [UPDATE: WOW. This list is growing fast! Thanks so much for all your comments. If Apple adds even a quarter of these suggestions in the coming months they will have the most revolutionary handheld device to date. And thanks for keeping (most of these) actually feasible! ]

    [UPDATE 2: I have sent this link to Apple via their iPhone feedback page.]

    393 Responses to “Help Build the ultimate iPhone feature request list”
    1. John says:

      Now that iPhone 2.0, and the App store are around, I want to be able to remove the default apps from my iPhone. Clock is mentioned above, but also Weather, and Stocks I rarely ever use, and now with new/better weather and stocks apps available, I could use the extra space on the dash.

    2. Rom says:

      1. A “back button” to take me to the previous app screen withou having to return to home and blah, blah, blah.

      2. Multiple selection of contacts.

    3. Andre says:

      1) I would like to be able to plug my iPhone into my laptop and use it as a modem
      2) I would like to have the ability to use the iPhone as a hard disk and drag and drop files onto it
      3) Ability to transfer files using Bluetooth
      4) Ability to listen to music through my Bluetooth headset.
      5) Video Recording
      6) MMS
      7) Push to Talk

    4. Steven says:

      This page needs to be updated now that the 2.0 software was released. I see several of the above suggestions that were addressed by that update.

      But now that I am loading lots of apps, I’d like to create buttons to take me to labeled screens, like ‘games’ to take me to a screen with all my games, etc…

    5. Herkenham says:

      The iPhone already identifies phone numbers on web pages in Safari, and turns them into links that will automatically dial that number when the number is selected from the web page as a hyperlink. This is a very useful feature.

      In a similar way, it would be very helpful to be able to do pattern matching while browsing web pages in Safari with user-defined regular expressions, and automatically turn patterns matched into hyperlinks that go to a regular-expression defined web address when selected. An example where this idea could be applied is that anything that looks like a latitude/longitude coordinate could be turned into a hyperlink that would invoke and pass the coordinate go Google Maps, to bring up that specific spot in Google Maps. This would be a very helpful geocaching feature, and it would also be useful in other places where latitude/longitude coordinates are used.

    6. Graham says:

      I’d like to see a change such that when you’re listening to streaming audio, the headphone clicker pauses/plays that audio rather than trying to start audio from iPod. It’s a pain having to unlock my phone and pause the stream in Safari and it seems like the obvious Right Thing to Do.

    7. Shane says:

      How about VoIP, like Skype or Fring

    8. DrGnT says:

      – custom message tones
      – full blown skype app (VoiP & chat function)
      – front row remote (come on Apple, that should be easy!)
      – note pad sync
      – disc function
      – sms timestamps
      – chronological “new app” category in the app shop
      – RSS integrated in mail ( as in Leopard )
      – flash support
      – remote wipe via mobileme
      – copy & paste
      – photo booth effects & video on the built in camera
      – ability to save media files (like youTube)

    9. Chip says:

      The ability to queue sending SMS messages while the iPhone has no signal then have them send when you get a signal. My Treo did this and it was helpful for times when I was working in a data center or on the subway. It’s highly annoying I that I have to hit send 5 or 6 times when I’m in dead zone.

    10. Shadow says:

      Hope Apple reads this….I want to be able to rate my songs in iTunes while listening to them on iPhone in a playlist (which is most common). All they have to do is add the rating bar under new Genius/fast forward bar during song play. I shouldn’t have to touch the album to see ratings. I use this to rate all my music and this is a big hassle.

    11. Tom says:

      With Outlook OWA e-mail sync, I’d like to see an updated count of new messages in either all of my folders or at least some folders that I select because in Outlook, I filter messages from some senders to a particular folder and would like to see if there’s any new messages in that folder without having to list that folder.

    12. HAT says:

      I badly need the phone to provide a sound reminder if I have missed a call (like the Motorola phones do).

    13. ronerx says:

      PLEASE either sell or give us SMS ringtones .The default ones are WAY too short and i miss important messages. I may have to go back to my crappy old phone that allowed any .mp3 to be used as an sms alert 🙁

    14. ikir says:

      You can make custom ringtones with Garage band. Double tap main button open ipod controls on any apps so you don’t need other thing. Before making this list check these things!

    15. Chocky says:

      The ability to accept and send events/invitations on the iPhone would be great.

    16. Stian says:

      I would like to be notified of new emails with subject and maybe two lines of the body (much like the SMS notifier functions today).

      When I receive new email I have to choose the email app, then pick account and then go to the inbox. Cumbersome!

      Would be much better if the email was displayed at the front in the same manner as SMS, and with two buttons to either read it or delete it directly.

    17. MICK says:

      searching in ipod
      tactical Buzz among touching
      “ipod like scroll wheel” option ???



      5 ICON DOCK!




    18. NJPhotog says:

      Apple needs to address the issue of not being able to receive or send multimedia messages (pictures or videos) without having to go to which never seems to work unless connected to WiFi..
      Any normal cheap cell phone can text pics and vids, but apple couldnt figure out a way for the iPhone to do that….

    19. john says:

      the ability to record phone conversations, I’ve had plenty that would go a long way in a court trial that could have helped the safety and well being of the victim, her family, and friends from a deranged ex.

      some people have said that apple wouldn’t do it cause that would lead to the humiliation of a few, well;
      1)apple would not be responsable for recording and distributing the call
      2) i hardly think the dignity of a few is worth more than the life of one.

      on a less serious request, google maps, needs to recognize the last view (street, satillite, hybrid) and keep that view for the next time. I will ALWAYS use the hybrid, so it just slows me down to change it (it also uses more bandwidth).
      google maps also needs to rotate the maps to put your heading at the top, ex: if i am heading south, then south needs to be at the top of the display( this should at least be an optional.

      the email app needs a “home” button, it’s annoying having to cycle back to get to another email account

    20. Henry says:

      Here’s The Lists I have Built up so far

      1. Home Page for Safari. (small simple feature, Not a big upgrade request but very usefull, is this too much to ask?)

      2. Ability to switch to landscape while keyboard is open. (IM+ app from “Shape Services” supports this, why can’t Apple?)

      3.Landscape support for SMS, Mail, Notes, Maps, ect, (Widescreen keyboard=bigger,easy,&better. No brainer, and also not too much to ask of native apps from Apple itself)

      4.Stacks and Folders “like OSX Leopard”. The ability to organize applications into Stacks and/or folders on the iPhone would be very usefull and efficient. This would also allow the user to organize their applications into categories. (This could allow users to have more than 9 pages of apps on their home screen)

      5. Basic camera funtions in Camera App, Such as Zooming in and out (like my old Samsug phone) and is it too much to ask for a few basic light filters or deifferent lenses? and if the iPhone is so much more advanced than other phones it should be able to do even more things than other camera phones can’t, Like maybe adjusting, brightness, contrast, hue, exposure, sharpness, ect. (Great for mobile uploads to services like facebook, myspace, photoshop, twitter, ect)

      6. Running Apps parallel or in the background. This ability is a must when multitasking on an iPhone, Please Apple give us more freedom to run multiple applications at once. This feature would be best with on-screen notifications from the backround apps to get attention similar to that of text messages or missed calls.

      7. Video Recording. when using the “camera” app you can see how good the FPS (frames per second) rate is on the iPhone, is there no way to capture those frames and complile them into a video? Apparently the app called “Cycorder” on Cydia has already managed to do this, even on a First generation iPhone!

      8. Tethering, obviously there are legal issues involving each country’s wireless service provider, But the technology does exist and it does work!
      ie. NetShare,iPhoneModem, and of course PDAnet which has been widely used for tethering in the wireless industry for years.

      9. New Apple In-Ear Headphone Compatibility. The newly designed in-ear headphones from Apple are great, but what about us iPhone users who want more noise reduction and better sound quality, People that use the iPod function most on their iPhones would especially appriciate the abiltity to adjust volume, skip next AND previous tracks, ect.

      10. Use iPhone a USB Flash Drive. There are options for sharing and transferring files wirelessly to the iPhone, But there has yet to be a solution for using a direct USB connection to share files with the iPhone. What if the user doesn’t have a Wi-Fi router or a Wi-Fi network to share over? And all you want to do is carry one file to the office that is just a little to big for e-mail? This function could prove to be very useful to all of us in the long run.


      11. Custom Themes and Backgrounds! Okay so you can change the wallpaper on your iPhone to a cute photo of your little nephew “Whoopee!” What a huge technological breakthough for mobile phones! (my old samsung was able to do this). The iPhone should be a little more personalized or at least have the capability of being customized by the user to some degree. The overall appearance and theme of the user interface should be more flexible and adjustable on the iPhone OS. Not just custom wallpapers, but also custom backgrounds for your home screen, different colors and themes for menus, buttons ,task bar, ect. Apple please allow iPhone developers to create apps that can style and change the theme of the User Interface.

      I have many more ideas on my list, some are the same or very similar to the ones already posted above, but I just picked the ones I thought were most important, or most useful.

      There are many more very useful features I didn’t post simply because i’ve seen them posted many times already such the Cut&Paste feature.

    21. Some1ulu says:

      Albums Cover flow – Sort by Album…..Thats what I want 🙂

    22. Junior says:

      My co-worker has an LG Shine and he can download files from the internet right to his phone through his mobile browser. I know the LG Shine has a SD memory card slot but the the iPhone can currently hold up to 16GB which is plenty of space! When you try to download something on the iPhone it gives you a message saying “Safari cannot download this file” Safari should be able to download files other than PDF’s and JPG’s, ect. I know applications in the App Store that are larger than 10MB need a Wi-Fi connection to download, so couldnt Apple do the same thing with any other file on the internet? This feature would go along very nicely with the ability to use your phone as a USB flash drive!

    23. Jordan says:

      Id like to be able to go from a song to see other songs from this artist. Like a link under the song that lets you go to other songs by this artist. Thanks

    24. NJPhotog says:

      1) The ability to receive multimedia text messages on the iPhone without having to go to “”

      2) The ability to send multimedia text messages and pictures

      2) Cut and paste, in emails and while surfing

      3) Text forwarding and resending of texts

    25. antonic says:

      missing features when viewing a PDF file:

      – ability to store PDF for offline viewing. how can i get it when network is not available, or if airplane mode is active?
      – ability to “jump to page…” or a table of contents. it pisses me off to have to flick through 50+ pages.
      – uh, how about adding a “find…” feature at least?

      i know apple loves being minimalistic, but come on, don’t be this ridiculous! i had a palm treo before the iP3G, and i miss it quite often.

    26. Daniel says:

      I want my application icons to auto arrange by number of times used. At least add a feature in iTunes to arrange applications on the iPhone.

    27. Paap says:

      User-selectable alert sound for calender events.
      The calender currently emits only a soft blip when the event alerts. i’d be so happy if I could change it to a louder sound.
      Better still: Alert sounds selectable per agenda. (per event, anyone?0

    28. Maxe says:

      One thing I’d really like to see, is a slight change of the iPod touch / iPhone – Programs interface pane in iTunes. It would be really nice if you could visually sort all the installed app-icons here. Maybe some sort of virtual pasteboard around an area that represents the devices screen. You can browse through the different pages using the small dots as you would on the device itself.

    29. Callidux says:

      The abillity to broadcast GPS-positions in between iphones.
      It could open up for new navigation apps, with the abillity to track members within a defined group using the same application in realtime (more or less).
      A radar-like application that pings my family and friends locations with direction and distance would be a great feature.

    30. Gary Huff says:

      Bluetooth file transfers
      Auto-answer to bluetooth headset
      voice dial from bluetooth headset
      dialed calls list
      received calls list
      missed calls list
      this is a “next gen phone without average last gen phone features

    31. Steve says:

      Ability to add other recipients when making an appointment.

    32. Alwin says:

      It would be great to turn on/off the rotation of safari. Try to read a website on your iphone while you’re lying on bed. Simple but effective.

    33. Roger says:

      1) Ability to edit the group of a contact

      2) In Recent calls, if several calls are grouped into one, the ability to see the indiviual times of each call

      3) Calendar colors on iPhone match Mac colors

      4) Social networking integration

      5) Power button can be used to snap a pic. It’s hard to find the touch button when holding the phone in a wierd position

      6) Access safari bookmarks by holding down the safari icon

    34. Kevin says:

      Call Forwarding needs location awareness. Automatically toggles when you leave home and come back. Not everyone has great cell reception inside their house.

    35. Tilo says:

      Ability to compose Notes in Mail just like in Apple Mail on the Mac. In this regard, an option to save a Note as a Mail note from within iPhone’s Notes App would be nice, too.

    36. Kevin T says:

      This is a long list, so if I am repeating a request, I apologize… I genuinely thought my ideas were original…

      1. Location aware switch for GPS and WiFi to be on or off. In other words, when I am home, I want my WiFi to be ON and GPS to be OFF. When I am at work, I want neither to be ON. When I am moving, I want the GPS to be ON… see what I mean? It would save battery life if we could set these rules for when the system has WiFi and GPS enabled and create favorite zones also. Even have it turn on WiFi once every 5 minutes to check to see if a remembered WiFi location is present and remain on if it finds one would be a nice option.

      2. Allow sort options for Podcasts. I hate to listen to them out of order. If iTunes had a way to pre-sequence them, that would even be nice. I’ve tried sorting various ways in iTunes, but my Coast-to-Coast AM podcasts still play out of order.

    37. unary says:

      When listening to audio books, triple click on the headpiece rewind the audio by 1 minute, rather than just go to the beginning of the chapter.
      The current behavior is fine for listen to short songs, but totally useless for audio books.

    38. Chris James says:

      Sorry big long list. Need to vent.

      1) OLED
      2) sync over Wi-Fi
      3) MMS
      4) turn by turn GPS with built in compass
      5) proper sorting of contacts (mobile, work, home etc.) even if you can sort peoples phone numbers similarly to how you can sort favorites i.e. press edit, and move them up and down
      6) correct sync with MobileMe
      7) Video Recording
      8) Tethering
      9) Multiple Apps At once
      10) AM/FM Radio (Maybe just FM)
      11) Add “Disk Mode” like standard iPods. maybe even have its own application for viewing files on the iphone.
      12) better battery life
      13) send contact info in an SMS
      14) bluetooth/Pairing With phones, computers and other devices
      15) video calls
      16) call duration for every call made
      17) separate all incoming, dialed and missed calls with different colours, and not just have dialed and received calls in black.
      18) new tones, backgrounds and possibly themes or layouts. new design.
      19) add folders in mail
      20) better quality camera
      21) when an underlined/blue phone no. is available to press on, when you tap it, give the ability to save it and not just call/cancel
      22) visual voice for Australia
      23) when it’s someone’s birthday, set a reminder and give the option to call or SMS them
      24) flash, java support
      25) Copy and Paste
      26) in safari, you should be able to hold/press on a link for a few seconds, then display an option to open link in new page
      27) safari password storing ( understand that if you get your phone stolen it would be a serious privacy issue, but maybe implement it like 1Password, and have your passwords available for 5 minutes or so.
      28) widescreen keyboard for email, SMS
      29) landscape option for all or most windows
      30) proper time stamping on SMS, sometimes 4-5 messages come up at all the same time when it has been like 15 minutes
      31) ability to change to old Nokia type keypad. this can be very fast for typing
      32) scientific iphone calculator
      33) customizable dictionary. have a menu in settings for dictionary and ability to add your own words to it
      34) Voice Recording
      35) Edit contact groups on the iPhone
      36) able to check account Balance
      37) ability to be read music folders for sony systems and other systems, i.e for the Bravia TV, playstations and Xbox.
      38) Voice dialing
      39) spotlight
      40) allow application icons to display info. i.e. weather, calendar etc.
      41) proper management of applications/songs you have bought in the app store or on itunes store. if you go to buy something, state immediately if you have already purchased it or not!
      42) Microsoft office for iPhone
      43) save email attachments in a genuine apple application or folder. store them where files are stored in “Disk Mode” have a specific application or dedicated folder/drive
      44) smiley face recognition in SMS.
      45) cover flow for contacts would be v. cool!

    39. Michael says:

      I’d like to be able to accept a call not by using the slider, but with a motion of the iphone itself… Think of the Flick-Motion out of StarTreck when they “pick up” their communicator.

    40. Matt Davis says:


    41. Buel Allen says:

      Meeting Mode:
      Set your iphone on silent for a specific amount of time and the iphone automatically returns to ring mode when the time expires. This will work well for people who are constantly forgetting to manually switch their phones from silent to ring after they have finished a meeting or work. I am constantly missing calls on my iphone which is primarily a phone and that really really sucks. I hardly missed calls on my Motorola Slvr because I kept it on silent when it was on me, and when it wasn’t on me I plugged it into the wall to charge and it would automatically go into ring mode. Only occasionally when I forgot to plug it in after I got home would I miss a call. Some one please fix this issue it’s driving me nuts.

    42. Ukclarkey says:

      I was once a BB user. I like the Iphone alot but one thing that bugs me is the calendar. when i am in a day view i dont want to hit the + button then set the time then say don then set the details.

      simple way tap the time on the left and start typing and have then drag down like i would on a cut and paste to the end time


    43. Jake says:

      Bigger send button for messages.
      Bigger send button for messages.
      Bigger send button for messages.

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