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iPhone Street Magic

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

Faithful Macenstein reader Mark sent us a link to this awesome clip showing “virtual magician” Marco Tempest demonstrating some amazing iPhone features we were unaware of. I’ll have to try some of these out when I get my iPhone back from ColorWare. (Oh, did I mention I am getting my iPhone painted by ColorWare?)

Perhaps the most impressive thing about this video is it was apparently shot just 30 minutes after Marco bought the iPhone. This is impressive not simply because he was able to work out the timings so well and so quickly, but because he was actually able to activate the darn thing in 30 minutes. To me, that’s the real wizardry going on here. It took me 5 days to get mine going!

4 Responses to “iPhone Street Magic”
  1. Rowlings says:

    Are you Really?!
    That’s insane! What color(s)?!

  2. Jon k says:

    That guy is pretty good! A total geek, but still, pretty good. Think he practiced with a standard iPod first? The videos on it were pretty well done too, I wonder if he made them or had someone do it? also, he had to pretend to touch the screen, or else the quicktime playback controls would appear. Nice job!

  3. The Ronald says:

    I saw this almost a month ago, but I guess some people have more of a life than me, and might have missed it.
    I thought it was cool then, and cool now.

  4. Brian says:

    Pretty good, but at one point he holds it upside down and yet the screen is right side up, and when it finishes you can totally see the “Would you like to delete this video to save on space?” option pop up. Still pretty nice though, especially for only 30 minutes.


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