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Review: Speck’s Holster-Pro for iPhone

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

speck holster-pro iphone case

Speck has a pretty impressive track record of delivering high-quality cases for the iPod and iPhone. While usually costing 10-15% more than competing cases, the build quality is traditionally top notch, and I have yet to be disappointed by any of their products.

The Holster-Pro for iPhone carries on Speck’s tradition of solid construction and attention to detail. While I am not a fan of the holster-style case in general, there is much to like about Speck’s approach. First, the unit looks cool. Designed with a black leather exterior with white accent stitching and a felt-lined interior, the Holster-Pro looks refined without taking away from your iPhone’s good looks. The case’s three “arms” snugly grip your iPhone and hold it tight – there’s little chance the iPhone will fall out, no matter how much jump roping you intend to do. Similarly, metal the belt clip on the back is solid with very little give, so odds are that once fastened, you’d have to try pretty hard to “accidentally” dislodge it (and if you are trying so hard, it wouldn’t really be an accident, would it?).

speck holster-pro iphone case

When in the case, you have full access to your iPhone’s controls and screen. The mouth piece and speaker are exposed as well, so the phone can be used without removing it from the case, however the dock port is covered, meaning it must be removed for charging.

speck holster-pro iphone case

Kicking the kickstand idea up a notch

The cool thing about the Holster-Pro (to me anyway) is its kickstand. For those of us who watch movies and television shows on our iPhone, the kickstand is something we have grown to appreciate. Unlike other holster cases with bulky, plastic, ratcheting clips (some of which almost double the girth of the case), the Holster-Pro’s metal clip allows it to maintain a relatively slim profile. But what’s really cool about the clip is that it is actually mounted on a hinged piece of leather, held tight by Velcro. When expanded, the clip provides a great kickstand support for iPhone video viewing (a small ribbon keeps the stand from opening too wide). The only potential downside to the fixed kickstand idea is that it is designed to hold the iPhone with the volume buttons facing down, but this is actually Apple’s fault, as videos (for some unknown reason) do not rotate with the iPhone the way photos do, so a “volume-button-down” orientation is the only one Apple allows. I am hoping Apple fixes this “bug” at some point, and if they do, then this could possibly matter, but right now, it doesn’t.

speck holster-pro iphone case


Like most holster-style cases, the Holster-Pro leaves your iPhone fairly exposed, which is good if you want quick access to controls, but bad if you often bump into tables or other hard objects. The corners of the iPhone are also completely exposed – the most vulnerable spots in the event of a drop. Also, similarly priced (or cheaper) holster cases often come with a screen protecting sticker and/or cleaning cloth, both of which are lacking in the Holster-Pro.

As I said, I never fully bought into the holster type of case for phones and iPods, as leaving my iPhone exposed like that, on my hip, just seemed like asking for trouble. Plus, I am a bit of a slob and have not had my shirt tucked in since my communion when I was 11, so clipping something to my pants or belt (if I wore one) would cause it to disappear under my shirt. I much prefer to just throw my iPhone, case and all, in my pocket. So really the only downside to the Holster-Pro as I see it is it is a holster-style case. If you like such cases, and are looking for a case designed more for fastening purposes than for protection, then the Holster-Pro is a nice choice.

speck holster-pro iphone case


Like most of Speck’s products, the Holster-Pro is well-made and stylish, and provides a secure way to carry your iPhone. The flip out kickstand clip provides a great way to view videos on your Phone without adding the extra bulk of other holster-type clips. The downside of the case is it provides little protection to the iPhone, leaving the screen and the majority of the sides exposed. Still, if you are a fan of holster-style cases, the Holster-Pro is a great choice.

The Holster-Pro for iPhone by Speck

Price: $29.95

Pros: Stylish, nice construction, flip-out kickstand clip for video viewing

Cons: Adds little protection from scratches and falls, no screen protector

2 Responses to “Review: Speck’s Holster-Pro for iPhone”
  1. Rob Schultz says:

    It’s a very nice looking case, especially with your colorware iPhone, however, like you, I think an iPhone is much safer in a more encompassing case inside my pants pocket.

  2. Danish says:

    My comment is more of a questions, considering it’s exposed corners, would the holster be able to fit the iphone with a skin case on it’s back?

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